Monday, 23 February 2015

( Merit Evidence ) Joining a Game ( Getting Involved )

Earlier this week it was lunch time and I was still eating so I went in front of Room 25 and finished my food. I knew my friends were playing tag so I went to look for them. After awhile I decided that I just couldn't find them. When I was looking I saw a PALS game going on. So I joined a game of 'Dodgeball Medic' it was really fun because we had to try and find out who the medic was and get them out so everyone else could be healed. In the end I found my other friends were playing dodgeball aswell. 

Friday, 20 February 2015

( Merit Evidence ) On the Bus ( At Technology and on the Bus )

On Tuesday morning before the bus left for technology I arrived at school. I was so glad I made it on time, I signed myself in and grabbed my pencil case. Then we hopped on the bus, I sat next to my friend. We had a silent drawing contest, because she had a pad and pen in her bag. She went first and had a go at drawing me, it took awhile and I turned out well, weird. I could tell it was on purpose. It was my turn and of course I made it look weird as well. In the end both drawings looked like two pigs, it was hilarious. We were still laughing by the time we hoped off the bus. 

( Merit Evidence ) PALS

This was my first time at PALS. I was very excited to run a game for Kauri, we decided to play octopus. I went around to ask people to join the game. Luckily heaps of people joined, so when other people saw them playing they decided to play. After octopus we played never ending tag. One of the people in our PALS group left. I thought that was a bit weird because he had already signed up. In the end we had heaps of fun and my first ever PALS was awesome!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

( Merit Evidence ) Getting Involved

When I started year 7&8 I knew straight away I wanted to be a Peer Mediator, but I wasn't sure about PALS. I contacted Mr Muller and made some enquiries. I took awhile to make my decision, then I decided to join PALS. Mr Muller has now put me on the roster.

( Merit Evidence ) Peer Mediation

This Wednesday I remembered to turn up on time to my duty as a Peer Mediator. One of the Peer Mediators came late, I reminded them that they have committed to being a Peer Mediator. Our team walks around the field. The year eight Peer Mediator showed me how the system worked. We helped sort out an issue between three year two students about who would play with who, I encouraged them to find a solution - in the end they decided to play together. It felt good to help other people and to be a role model. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

(Merit Evidence) Cleaning School (Role Model For Kakano Students)

It was a windy Wednesday afternoon ( after school ) and I was walking past the Oscar Room.There were a lot of students walking down the area. I could see a huge piece of paper blowing around near the recycling bin. Heaps of people were walking past looking at it and not doing anything. I had to get to softball but decided to clear it off the path and into the recycling bin. I made it to softball in time.

(Merit Evidence) Picking up Bins (Help Out Around The School)

It was a very windy day. At lunchtime I was playing on the field and noticed one of the two blue bins had blown over and all the balls from inside it were blowing around. I picked up the bin and collected all the balls to put back inside of it, then carried on playing. Then I saw the bin fall over again so once again I tidied it back up, but this time I moved both bins to the corner so they wouldn't blow over again.