Friday, 5 September 2014

Camp Recount

SPLAT! I jumped into the pool. It was so loud. I paddled around a bit, then I just got bored. I went outside to lie on the ground and stare up at the sunny sky. Then I heard screams and shouts. I got up and went around the side of the building. THE MUDSLIDE! I ran up to have a closer look. Awesome! I got in line it looked so fun. Finally I was front of the line. I was quite nervous. I didn't want to jump on the slide like most people because it might hurt, and it was my first go. So I got on it. WHOOSH! I went down and embraced myself for the mud at the bottom. PLONK! I was at the end! I ran back up the hill and into the line. "That was surprisingly tiring" I thought. My second go I jumped on the slide it didn't hurt after all. But it was still so much fun! Beau's Mum grabbed the hose and hosed us off it was so cold.