Friday, 29 July 2016

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 10

Today I got asked to help out at winter sport. Winter sport is where the year 5/6's go every Friday to play there chosen sport eg. hockey, netball, football and rugby. I was asked to coach the "A" Hockey Team, another girl was asked to referee the game. We left to go to Nunweek Park at 12:15ish and while on the bus the other girl and I discussed who we would put on first half and second. 

Once we got off the bus we went to the turf that we were playing and got ready. We made sure the kids had there mouth guards and shin pads then got them to start practicing. It was freezing outside so I kept reminding them to keep their jackets/jerseys on and stay warm. We then all ate some lunch and had a team huddle. The first people on got on the turf and got into there positions. 

Then we started, it was awesome watching them play everyone was really into it and was having lots of fun. I switched everyone around so everyone had a fair chance at playing the positions they wanted to play. In the end we won 4-1. We got to choose a player of the day so we chose a girl that worked hard even though she was really tired. 

After that my mum picked me up from Nunweek Park.

The care value I showed was Community because I helped out the team even though I didn't have to. 

I showed leadership by taking charge of the team and making sure everyone was alright. 

My CARE Progress

I have done a check of my CARE progress so far this year.

I am proud of my progress because I have achieved my bronze and have started my silver.

The area of CARE that I need to try harder in is C / A / R / E because

To achieve my BRONZE/SILVER award quicker I need to keep trying and make sure I record the ticks that I get before I forget them.

The one thing that I can do to improve my progress in CARE is to record them faster.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Excellence Evidence: Technology 5

Yesterday we had technology at Lincoln Primary School. I'm in the Textiles group, which means Sewing. We are currently working on our product. The Textiles group and the Design group work together. We could choose if we wanted our project to be 3D printed or sewn. I chose to make a sewn project and then later I will choose to do a 3D printed one. 

I'm creating a bag, it will be made out of denim fabric with black zips and a flap. I will decorate it with some stuff that is related to my culture eg. hobbies, favourites, friends, family. First I made a prototype, which is basically a mini version of my final one so that I know how I'm going to make it. My prototype was made  out of green fabric.

First I planned what I wanted to have on it. I've decided to have my initials, then surrounding my initials on the whole bag I will have little pictures of things that relate to my culture (examples of culture above.) Then I started making it, first I cut out a paper pattern, then I cut out two pieces of denim (the same size) and sewed them together.

After that we had to pack up to get back on the bus to go back to school. 

The care value I showed was respect because I respect everyone around me by not using there stuff eg. shears, machine, even if it was only going to be a minute. 

I showed leadership by staying focused on my task and listening respectfully to my teachers and peers. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Excellence Evidence: Kapa Haka 9

Yesterday I had Kapa Haka. When I arrived I went to my line and got ready to start. First we went through all of the songs to warm us up. We then went onto the stage and practiced our school song.

After that we went to our positions in Halleujah which weren't on the stage they were in the middle of the hall. After we did Halleujah we waited for the command to move to the next song, which is the Māori word 'neke.' We then all moved to our next positions, which were the ones for Tuhurihuri. Mr Broen didn't want any of the year eight girls doing poi, (I don't know why.) so we all just shadowed. The actions for Tuhurihuri are the year eight girls do long poi while all of the other girls used the short poi or the small rakau sticks. The senior boys used these long sticks (I'm not sure what they are called) and the other boys did the actions. Everyone was doing the correct actions and no one was doing it wrong. 

Then we transitioned to the next song which was the school song and went through that a few times. After that we left for morning tea. 

The care value I showed was respect because I listened respectfully to the teachers and my peers.

I showed leadership by listening respectfully to Matua, Mr Brown and Mrs Baker. 

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 9

On Wednesday I had a Student Council meeting. Head Girl is the Chairperson so she runs the meeting. We talked about which charity's we could raise money for and wrote them down. We then chose one and thought about topic related things that could raise money for that charity. The charity we chose was the SPCA, we thought about having a mufti day with a gold coin donation or pet food donation. We also thought about if we wanted to dress up in blue and white clothes, (the colours of the SPCA) or if we wanted to have a pet talent show. We also talked about the pet requirements eg. Child friendly. After that we chose a few helpers to help us on the day once we organised it. Then we told the kids to go back and ask there class this question: Ask your class who would be able to bring their pets and if they would enter them in a Talent/Fashion Show. In Student Council I take the minutes so below I have put the details of the meeting.
Mufti Day Fundraising Ideas:

Ronald McDonald House
World Vision

Fundraising for the SPCA:
Pet Day
Bring in Pet food
Face Painting (optional)
Mufti Day (blue and white)
Talent/Fashion Show?
Early Term 4?

Pet Requirements:
Be able to manage it on a lead
In a cage if needed eg. cat, bird or rabbit
Vaccinations up to date
Adult with/near the pet at all times
Child friendly

Helpers: Natalie R9, Jessie R10, Nieve R13

Task: Ask your class who would be able to bring their pets and if they would enter them in a Talent/Fashion Show.

The care value I showed was community because I talked and listened to the group.

I showed leadership by sharing my ideas to the group.