Monday, 21 November 2016

Te Reo, Term 4 2016

 This term we have been learning all about the Marae. We have learned that…….

  • The Marae is an important focal point for the community.
  • The Marea is a place where tradition and customs can be carried out.
  • The Marae is a place where people can express their values with dignity.
  • There are many kawa ( protocols) that prevail on the marae.
  • Marae kawa (protocols) can differ between maraes and iwi.

We have focussed on some key concepts when doing this learning.
These are listed and explained in the table below.

Definition -
give the meaning of these concepts in your own words.
The correct way to do something.
A welcoming ceremony.
Tangata whenua
People of the Marae.
The vistors to the Marae.
Your rights and obligations.
Respecting your peers.
Love and care.

See this video for an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of people on a marae.

Monday, 14 November 2016

I can find fractions, decimals and percentages of amounts expressed as whole numbers, simple fractions and decimals.

Link to modelling book.

Link to Extended Abstract task.

I found the last two activities on google docs easy because on IXL you have to answer heaps of questions to complete it but on the doc you only have to answer a few questions and show your working out.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Distinction Evidence: Kapa Haka 10

The other day I had Kapa Haka. I turned up with my poi even though I didn't think I needed to use it. When we got there we got in our new lines from last time. Some people that were away had to be sorted into the lines according to height. 

After we sorted out the lines, the boys went on the stage and the girls went underneath the stage. Then we went through the the songs, I knew all of them because we had learn them the week before. 

We practiced the routine performance and the teachers reminded us to remember where we were in the lines do they didn't need to sort them out again. Most of the songs we are singin but are school songs or ones that we have previously learnt. Two of the songs we are learning are songs with actions, when we started the first one most of us didn't know all of the actions so we copied the people that did know. When the song finished the teachers showed us the actions and we ran through the song one more time. 

After we finished they told us that we could leave for morning tea. 

The care value I showed was respect by listening to the teacher.
I showed leadership by listening to the teachers when the were teaching us the actions. 
I was a role model by not talking over top of the teachers.

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 10

The other day I had Student Council. There was nothing new we needed to talk about so we decided to review everything. We talked about the mufti day we will be having and what the theme will be, we made sure everyone told there classes that the theme would be sports stars. We also decided that the pet would be changed to another date which we would discuss with Mrs Trotter. Then we reviewed ideas for the fun day at the end of the year, we only looked at the ideas that would actually be able to happen.

Below is the minutes that I took for the meeting. We didn't have Mrs Trotter there with us because she was busy, so we no teacher helping to run the meeting. We also didn't have any homework for this meeting because we didn't talk about anything different. 

2rd Nov:
What we did:
We are changing the date for the pet day (to be decided)
Themed Mufti Day Idea:
Sports/Sports Star

Fun day:
Shared lunch
Free time 
Arts and craft
Lolly scramble
Water activities
Sponge the staff
Games day/stations
BBQ/sausage sizzle

We have no homework today. 

The care value I showed was respect because I showed respect to the people talking.
I showed leadership by sharing my ideas.
I was a role model by not talking while other people were talking.