Friday, 27 March 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Yesterday I did Peer Mediation and saw that one of the Peer Mediators in our group finally turned up after the fourth week I a row of not turning up. We had one problem with a year three throwing his hat into a tree. We helped him get it down and reminded him to put his hat on his head not on a tree. Then we had to find the second group of Peer Mediators to take over. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Reflection of my Three Chosen Goals from the Start of the Year.

Hi guys. If you click this link you will be able to see my learning goals from the start of the year. This is my reflection of those goals.

I think I am doing pretty well with my learning goals so far. My first goal is to get all of my badges ( merit, excellence and distinction. I have my merit badge and have started working towards my excellence.

My second goal is to improve in most topics, I have done heaps with that. I have got a new reading group and changed maths groups and have only got two more things to tick off on my National Standards in numbers (maths).

My third goal is to learn new things. I have learnt so many things this term in year 7/8. I have learnt them through reading texts in reading breakouts, I have also learnt them in my math follow ups. I have learnt new styles of writing and how and why to use them. 

I can't wait to reach all my goals!

WALT Explain the meaning of digits in numbers up to 3 decimal places.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Communications Team

I meet with my Communication Team on Monday lunch time and we decided who we partnered up with to take pictures. I went with one of my friends from year 6 and there was one person left over so we let them join our group. It was raining so we took photos of some people playing inside. We went to two classrooms and made sure that we didn't take pictures of people who didn't want it. Then the bell rang and we went back to Room 11 and returned the iPad to Mrs Patten. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

( Merit Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Today at Peer Mediation one of the Peer Mediators didn't turn up ( again ). So it was just two of us Peer Mediators. I asked someone to help out and they agreed. So we all did Peer Mediation. We had a problem between a few kids in the Kakano team with the rules of a game. In the end we encouraged them to have a solution and let them play again. Then Peer Mediation was over and we went and found the other people to swap over with.

Prove It Writing ( Oaklly's Walk )

Prove It Writing
Oaklly's Walk

"Mmmmmm"I groan.

I wake up to my nana's phone ringing. I start to growl to wake her up. I hear her get out of bed and start to walk towards my cage.

"Come on puppy" she yawns.

She opens the door of my cage and I run out and into the door.


I didn't put my brakes on fast enough. My nana giggles then slides open the door for me to go through this time.

Once I'm outside I sniff around looking for something to do.

After a while I'm fast asleep in the sun outside. Then I hear.

"Oaklly, come on puppy".

It sounds like my mum. I quickly race to the back door.

Outside the sky is now pale blue and the sun is brightening the day with a yellow tinge of sparkle. I see a flock of birds fly in a triangular shape past the sky above me. I want to chase them but I can just resist the temptation.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Mum asks.

"Woof" I reply.

"Well come on then".

She leads me inside. Then she grabs my harness and I put my head through a hole and my paws through another. She tightens it up and we walk past the car toward the garage door.

Then it slowly starts to open. I get all jumpy and excited!

We carefully walk past the sprinkler so we don't get wet. Then we start our day of adventure.

We walk down the windy path toward the end of the walkway. I see bees circling a daffodil fighting for a place.

Up ahead I see Bella, my friend. She is a pomeranian foxy with a golden ginger coat. Her tiny little ears prick up when she sees me, my ears don’t do that because mine are all floppy. I can see her race toward me, she doesn’t have a lead because she doesn’t run off like I do. She is about half the size of me and she is trying to get on top of my back.

My mum drags me away from her and her owner calls her. So I have to carry on with my walk.

I turn around and my mum has dropped the lead, I run for it, I feel so excited and free. Then I stop and turn around she’s not coming and chasing after me she is just standing there. I see her lips close so much they form the small shape of a circle. She whistles as her hand reaches into her pocket. Treats! I race toward her like I am chasing a bunny. I skid to stop myself from running into her, then I sit. She throws a treat in the air and I jump and catch it in my mouth.


We continue on our walk and soon I see our house ahead. I catch sight of a creature jumping over a fence and across the driveway to another fence. I drag my mum toward the house.

My mum lets me outside and I hunt for the creature. I think she's a cat and I'm pretty sure mum and nana call her Roxy. I finally spot her around the back of the house behind the recycling bin. She leaps  through the hole in the gate and I jump to catch her, with a huge miss.

“Ugh” I sigh.

I'm going for a nap.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

( Merit Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Today I saw one of my friends doing Peer Mediation alone. So I asked if I could help. She agreed, so we did Peer Mediation together. It was at morning tea so we walked around the whole school. We didn't have any problems. So we tried to look for one. After awhile we still hadn't gotten anything to help encourage a solution. Then the bell rang and we went back to class. On the way back to class a couple of little girls were still playing so we told them that the bell had rang and we all have to go back to class. 

Writing- Brainstorm Good Ideas to Use in my Writing

There he is ( or she ). A beautiful dalmatian with a bright pink nose and a huge black circle around her right eye. She made my insides feel funny, but in a good way. She has a daisy tucked behind her ear and she filled me with warmth.

"She's beautiful" I exclaimed.

" Would you like to get her" asked Mum.

"Of Course" I answered.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

( Merit Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Today at Peer Mediation there were only two of us ( again ) and we didn't have an iPad. So we just carried on as usual. Soon enough we had a problem. It was an issue about one of the year 8 girls calling a young boy some rude names. We sorted it out and told the boy to come back to us if anything else happens. After that two of my friends came over to 'hang' with me, I told them I would AFTER my duty. Then it was over and the other Peer Mediators came to swap over with us. One of them asked where the other person was, we told them that he didn't even turn up. They said that he was here today and was playing football not far from us. I felt disappointed. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Goals for 2015

These are my goals for 2015!

1: Get all of my leadership badges
( Merit, Excellence, Distinction )

2: Improve in most topics

3: Learn new things

Monday, 2 March 2015

( Merit Evidence ) Peer Mediation

On Wednesday this week I had Peer Mediation. It was just us two year sevens because the year 8 in our group was away. We had a problem with a few year fours about a couple of people cheating in a game of soccer. We got the people involved and helped them sort out a solution. Then after that we got another problem between three year twos about people cheating in a game of cricket. But the other Peer Mediators came in swapped with us so we didn't encourage a solution.