Monday, 29 June 2015

Reading- Analyse similarity and differences of language and discourse within/between texts

Reading Follow Up

'Who Says'

WALT analyse the similarity and differences of language and discourse within/between texts. 

My Solo Level is Learner Autonomous because I can identify the text and several metaphor, analogy or connotative language with examples; and I can explain what would happen if this feature was missing; and I can explain what the purpose of the feature is. 

French Mihi

Te Reo Mihi

Friday, 26 June 2015

My Discovery Tye Dye Shoes


WALT tye dye shoes.

We are half done our second shoe and it looks amazing! 

The one on your left is mine. I am really happy with the outcome of my two shoes!

My Discovery Tye Dye Shoes


WALT tye dye shoes.

We are halfway through our first shoe and it looks really cool. This is my shoe and it is really easy to tye dye shoes. My next step is to finish tye dying my first shoe and tye dye my second shoe.

My Discovery Tye Dye Shoes


WALT tye dye shoes.
First we searched up pictures and videos on how to dye shoes. Here is a picture that we looked at.
My next step is to start my tye dying on both shoes.

Maths- Specify location using bearing or grid reference.

WALT specify location using bearing or grid reference.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Helping Out Around the School )

At morning tea I grabbed my food and sat down to eat the teachers said that we would be assigned classes to go to for the wet day. We had to buddy up with someone who we would go to a class with. 

Once we buddies up, Miss O'Connor gave each pair a class. The class that I went to was Room 13 with my friend. When we got to the class, we saw that there were already two Year 6's, but that didn't matter. We waited till everyone had finished eating and we started a game of silent ball. 

We played so that no one would get out because there were only a few people playing. When we were in the middle of the game two boys came in from the Year 7/8 boys class. So it was quite busy. We still managed to play a game and made sure everyone was doing the right thing. When the bell rang we asked everyone to pack up and then Miss Baker came back. So we went back to class. 

Reading- Respond using understanding and information

What does the text mean when it says: ' The Superbowl of the canine world?'

The oldest dog show in America.
'is America's oldest dog show'  X

What do the organizers do to get the final seven contestants?

Seven categories
'one of seven categories'

Why were the audience shocked when Miss P was announced the winner?

They expected more.
'They had expected the more experience Matisse'

What did Miss P do after winning?

Went back to British Colombia
'Went back home to British Colombia' X

What attributes would you look for if you were asked to judge a dog show?

Loyalty, Respectful, good at agility and any breed of dog.

Overall I used 'Re-Read' the most because if I couldn't find the answer I would re-read the text to find it.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

At Peer Mediation everyone came and we all grabbed our vests and iPad. We went outside onto the field to start walking around. 

It was a nice sunny day and we could see heaps of students playing nicely. There were no problems for us to help encourage a solution. So we walked around the field for twenty minutes. After that we went back inside and we put our vests away and the iPad. Then I went outside to play with all of my friends. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

On the bus to technology I was sitting with my two friends we were playing this game with a tongue twister. It was: I slip, I trip, I trip, we flip. The game was that we had to say it as many times as we could without messing it up. 

We eventually did it so many times and we were saying it really fast. Then we had to stop because the bus stopped and we were at technology. At technology I was in Design, it was our second session with Miss Scott. We drew up a 3D plan of what our room would look like, then we got to get a cardboard template and draw around it and cut it out. After that I started to draw in my windows and doors and cut them out with a crafting knife. 

After that it was time to go back to school. So we got back on the bus and I sat next to some other friends. One of them taught me the Sign Language alphabet and some phrases. So I now know the Sign Language alphabet and the phrases for teacher, school, friend, my and name. Then we got off the bus and went back to school. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Communication Team )

Today I went to the Communication Team in Room 11 and waited on the mat for Miss Patten. Then the people in the Communication Team and Miss Patten came to the mat and we started talking about what we could report about in the school. Miss Patten asked if I could check the PALS roster to see if it was on today. So I went outside to check it and saw that people were on today. So I went back inside and Miss Patten told me that the other people had decided to go to the junior talent show and said that I could go with them. So I went into my class and grabbed an iPad then went to the hall. I saw three acts. The first one was four girls doing a dance to a penguin song wearing penguin hats. The second act was two girls dancing to a Bruno Mars song, they had sparkly skirts and Pom Poms. The last act was the New Entrant class singing a song and one girl sang the whole song with a microphone. Then we left and sent all the videos to the communication team email and Miss Patten told us that we could go play. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Librarian )

Today my friend was on librarian and I saw that not many people turned up, so I offered to help. She said I could help out so we started by putting the books away. I wasn't sure where a few of the books went so I asked my friend and she reminded me. After that we took turns at the desk. When it wasn't my turn I would walk around he library making sure everyone was 'behaving'. Then all the people that weren't there at the start for there duty turned up and so they had to many people. So I said that I would go and leave them to pack up.  

Maths- Comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators

Monday, 8 June 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Communication Team )

Today I turned up to my Communication Team duty like I do every Monday. Miss Patten advised everyone in Communication Team not to start anything new, but if you were halfway through a project you can finish that off. She thanked us for coming and said we were going to start something next week.

Excellence Evidence ( Librarian )

Yesterday I went to my librarian duty and saw that it was only me and one other librarian ( out of four ). I asked Miss Ward of she wanted me to do anything, she asked me to put the books away. So me and the other librarian put all the books away and then we waited at the desk reading a book each. We had a few people come up to issue or return a book. Then Miss Ward told us it was twenty past so we told everyone in the library that the it was closing and asked them to leave, then we waited for everyone to leave then said bye to Miss Ward and left. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

My Discovery

Extended Abstract

WALT to create a piece of art to hang on my wall.

I created tape art on a canvas, by putting some tape on the pattern that I want. Then I painted it black. After that I took the tape off.