Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday, 16 October 2015

Goal Reflection 2015

These are my goals for 2015

Reflection on my Goals for 2015

1: Get all of my leadership badges
( Merit, Excellence, Distinction )

-This was an awesome goal for me because I was extremely eager to complete it.
-I achieved my Merit on the 18th March and I was awarded it a week later.
-I achieved my Excellence on the 15th June and I was awarded it a couple of weeks later.
-I achieved my Distinction on the 20th August and I will be awarded it at the end of the year.
-Reaching the criteria to achieve all of my badges has been really fun, doing my duties such as PALS and Librarian and also getting to blog about them, also getting to complete all of the fun home learning challenges.
-I don't have a next step.

2: Improve in most topics

-I have definitely improved in most topics.
-In maths I have completed a number of different parts including, Number, Geometry and Algebra.
-In reading I have completed my standard which was year eight and I am now up to year nine.
-In writing, as a class we have learnt many different styles of writing such as recounts, arguments and speeches.
-My next step is to finish my maths standard.

3: Learn new things

-I have learnt so many things this year in regard of being a year seven and in my learning.
-I have learnt many things in maths, reading and writing.
-Including many styles of writing, different maths equations and reading heaps of books.
-My next step is to carry on growing my knowledge in all things.

That was the reflection of my goals for 2015.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Maths- Solve Simple Linear Equations

My SOLO level is Extended Abstract because I have completed my goal and I can show someone else how to do it. My next step is to get a new maths goal.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Distinction Evidence ( PALS )

When the bell rang for lunchtime my group and I met up and we all decided to put out the skipping ropes for the Kakano Team to play with. We went into the room where they were all stored and grabbed some orange skipping ropes, then we went outside and onto the court. I had the skipping ropes over my arm and I was handing them out to the children. After that we got out the giant purple rope and started having a few people at a time having a go with it. 

After that a few kids asked me if there were any white skipping ropes, I told them that there wasn't any out but I would go and get some out. So I went and got the skipping ropes and came back, then I handed out the skipping ropes. I walked around playing with the kids and handing out posies. 

After awhile of skipping a few kids came and asked me if there were any red skipping ropes, I told them that I would grab some. So I went and grabbed some red skipping ropes, then I came back and handed them out.

Then it was almost the end of lunch so we started packing up. We went around and started telling every to give us the skipping ropes. There were quite a lot left on the ground so all the PALS helped pack them up. One girl from the Kakano Team helped us pack up when no one else did, so I gave her a posie. 

After that we put away our vests and went to play for the rest of lunchtime. 

Reading- Apply some criteria to evaluate texts

WALT apply some criteria to evaluate texts.
My SOLO level is Extended Abstract because I have completed my goal and have made a prove it. 

Text Features:
Structure - Meaning is being built up
Bias - Taking one side
Accuracy of Information - How accurate the information is
Objective Language - Facts
Technical Language - Topic Words
An Opening General Statement - An introduction to the topic

We had read a text and try to find these text features within the text. The text is called Information about Moa.

This is the text, we also had to fill in this sheet. 

My next step is to get a new reading goal.
This is my exit and entry ticket.


Writing- Use bold ideas, rhetorical questions and examples.

WALT use bold ideas, rhetorical questions and examples. 

This is a paragraph where I have used all three things.

"Don't you remember having to spend six long hours at school, then having to come home and do boring homework? Well, the school day should be shorter! If it was, we could have more fun, we would have more time in the day to do more stuff we want to do."

Bold statements are highlighted green, examples are highlighted orange and rhetorical questions are highlighted blue. I think I am at Extended Abstract because I have completed my goal. My next step is to join a new writing group from my AsTTle Test. 

This is my entry and exit ticket.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Maths- Use graphs, tables, and rules to describe linear relationships found in number and spatial patterns.

WALT use graphs, tables, and rules to describe linear relationships found in number and spatial patterns.

Tina and Tom were twins. Tina saves and Tom spends. Tom found a $20 note on Sunday evening and spent $2 a day starting on Monday. Coincidentally, Tina started work that Monday and gets $2.50 a day. How long would it be before Tina has more money than Tom?

This is how I worked it out:

I think that the answer is five days, because as you can see on my table I have circled Friday, which is when Tina first had more money than Tom. To form my answer, I drew up a table with the days of the week and the twin's names. After that I counted up in $2.50 on Tina's row and then counted down by $2 on Tom's row. After that I had to find which was the first day Tina had more money than Tom, which was Friday. So that's how I got my answer, five days. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.11.24 pm.png

This is the SOLO Matrix I had. I think that I am at Extended Abstract. My next step is to check my Algebra test and check what I have to learn next.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

When the lunch bell rang I went into the radio station room and started to write down the songs and different articles onto the script, while I was waiting for my friend. Then she arrived and helped me decide which songs and which news articles to talk about. After that I got the song ready we were going to play first. 

Then we started, we started by introducing ourselves and talking about what we were going to talk about during the show. Then we played a song, I have the job to press enter to start playing the song while I or someone else introduces it. 

After the song we talked about stuff that was happening at school, for example we talked about the teacher only day on Monday and read out the people who had achieved there Bronze or Silver C.A.R.E certificates. Then we played another song.

After the song we read out an article from a kids news website. It was called Hair, it was about all the different things your hair can do and what it has in it. Then we played the last song which was 'Greece Lighting' sung by the High School Dropouts.

After that we went out and played outside for the last few minutes of lunch time. 

Kyla's Speech

Is it ever ok to lie?

I used all of the four rules in my speech.

1. Look up at the end of a sentence.
3. Pause.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

I was really excited for Woodworks that week because it was our second time doing it and I was almost finished my plan. When we got off the bus to Lincoln School, I went and put my bag down outside the Woodworks Room and grabbed out my pencil case. Then I went inside and sat down, Mr Bowers the Woodworks teacher, talked to us about what we were going to do. He told us that we would finish our final plan, then we would show him and he would ask if anyone else was creating a box with the same measurements, after that cut out the wood for us. 

So then we carried on with our plans. We had to make four different designs. So I designed four different speaker boxes then I had a look at them and decided which one I should do, I decided to do the one that kind of looked like it had three different shapes in one. It also has a hole in the top where you can put your phone. There is a drawing of it below.          
After I drew up my final plan, with measurements. I showed Mr Bowers. He had a look at it then asked everyone if they had the same plan, only one person did. Then he cut out the wood for us. First he cut out the front and back pieces of wood and drew up the square in the middle where the hole is going to be. Then he used this machine to cut out the hole. After that he cut up the wood for the rest of the box and showed us how to put it together. So me and my friend assembled our boxes, it was actually really fun assembling them. Right after we finished putting them together it was time to pack up. So everyone helped pack up the class, then we all went outside and onto the bus. 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( PALS )

At morning tea time we had a PALS meeting with all of the PALS. Mr Muller and Mr Forman reminded us that we need to wear our orange vests so if anyone wanted to play with the PALS they would be able to see us. He also told us about the skipping ropes, that they were in the back room next to the Music Room. After the meeting we asked Mr Forman if we could use the skipping ropes at lunch time, he said that we could and he would show us where they were. When we went into the room there were buckets with skipping ropes in them and one hook with ropes hanging on it. He grabbed off one pile of skipping ropes and told us that there were ten ropes per pile and we had to knot them together. So when we knew all the stuff and where all the skipping ropes go we went back outside to play at lunch. 

At lunch time me and one of the other PALS went to grab the skipping ropes, we grabbed two red,  two blue and two purple, then we grabbed some cones. We took them to the court and lay them on the ground. I put all the skipping ropes out and the other person in my group put down the cones. Then the two other PALS came and brought all the bright orange vests with them. Then I went around and invited heaps of people to come and play with the skipping ropes. After that we got out the long purple skipping ropes and let people skip with them while we held the handles. 

After about twenty minutes we asked everyone to put the skipping ropes back so we could pack them up. We packed up the skipping ropes by picking them up and knotting them. Then putting them back on the hook in the back room. After that we put our vests away and went back inside because the lunch bell rang. 

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

At eating time before lunch, my friends asked me if I could help them out with radio station. They wanted me there so we could do our body percussion, which is basically stomping, clapping, clicking and slapping. Here is a video of someone doing a body percussion. They also wanted me to be there so I could help them out a bit.

So when the bell rang I went into the radio station room so we could get ready to start radio station. They started by introducing themselves and talking about what was coming up on the show. Then they played a song, it was Story of my Life.

After the song they started talking again and that's when I realized that they had there microphones off the whole time, so I told them that they needed to turn them on and restart. So they did and they introduced themselves again and they decided to do a different song, which was Impossible by James Arthur.

Then they started talking about some stuff happening around the school like dates of things like the open day and sausage sizzles. Then they played another song.

After the song they read out some news from the news article, one article was called "BANNED" and another was called "Puppy Shaming" the puppy shaming one was funny because there were photos of all these dogs that had done bad stuff, those naughty dogs.

Then they finished up and played the last song, then we went outside to play for the last five minutes of lunchtime.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

When I got to Peer Mediation, the other Peer Mediator came and we both put on our vests and grabbed the iPad. After that we went outside and onto the field, to start walking around it. We were walking around the field for a long time, then my friend came up to us and asked when we were finished. I told her that we would finish at ten past one and I could play with her then. 

After that we carried on walking around field for ten more minutes, there were absolutely no problems. Which was pretty good, because then everyone was playing nicely together. I really like Peer Mediation because you get to be a role model for the students at Oaklands and solve any problems that they have. 

When Peer Mediation was finished we went inside to put our vests away and the iPad, then I went outside to play with my friend. 

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

On the bus to technology, I sat next to two of my friends and I was sitting in the middle. We started talking about art and drawing. Then we started talking about different movies. For example we were asking each other if we had seen a movie. My friends told me about all of these great movies that I haven't seen yet, that I probably will soon. Then we got off the bus and went to design in the school hall.

 It was our last session before we move on to the next class. Since I have finished my box I got to make whatever I wanted. So I decided to make a present for my uncle, because it's his birthday soon. So I decided to create a box. So I drew up the net for the box and cut it out. After that I folded it up and glued it together. Then I decorated it with green paper and glued some of the Rabbitohs logos on it, because it's his favourite rugby league team. I stuck a different logo on each side. Then I decided to make another box. Out of popsicle sticks. I stuck heaps of popsicle sticks together to make five sides, then I glued them all together. 

After I made the two boxes it was time to get back on the bus, so I hopped onto the bus with my boxes and we drove back to school. 

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

When we started eating lunch Reia and I went into the radio station room with our lunch. Then we went through the script and wrote down the songs, news and so on. Then Mr Mcallum came in to teach us how to use the equipment. So he taught Reia how to use the sound machine and taught me what to do with the laptop.

Then we started, Reia started by introducing us and saying what was coming up on the show. Then I introduced the next song, which was "Hey Brother" by Avicii. After the song we read some news from the school news letter, like how there was going to be a school Open Day the next day. Then we played another's song which was "Story of my Life" by One Direction. Then I read out some news from this news booklet, it was the weirdest flavoured Jellybeans. There was black pepper, baby wipes, dirt, grass, dog food and boogers. It was really gross. Then we played the song "Love is Easy" by McFly. When the song was finished we put another song on which was "Aotearoa" by Stan Walker. After that Reia read out an article about the minions in Waipara, in Waipara they made the three minions out of tyres, old drum kits and much more. It was amazing. Then we playing the last song of the afternoon, which was "Happy" by Pharrel Williams. Then we finished, we turned off the microphones and went outside to play for the last 4 minutes of lunchtime. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

When I got to Communication Team in room eleven. Miss Patten asked me if I could go get the EOTC camera so we could upload the photos onto the computer. So I went and got it, then we got the chip out and put it into the computer. Then we opened up the app called iPhotos and tried to upload the photos onto that. When it didn't work we tryed on iMovie, but then that didn't work so we just decided to do it another time. Then we got the EOTC camera and room elevens camera for assembly.

At assembly I started with room elevens camera and my friend started with the EOTC camera. We took photos of people with the awards, people talking and videoed some of the presentations. Then they started doing the bronze certificates, for the Kakano Team. Then the Kauri Team, my name was called, I was nervous, but excited, I walked up and got my certificate, then my friend came up. We had to get someone to take our place while we were up the front because then we wouldn't get any photos of some of the Kauri Team with their bronze certificates. Then we came back down and swapped the cameras. So I had the EOTC camera. Then we took a few more photos of the assembly. Then when it finished we have the EOTC camera back to the office and gave the room eleven camera back to Miss Patten. After that we went back to class.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

Before Peer Mediation started, the other Peer Mediator came and asked me to find someone to fill in for them. So I asked my two friends and they said that they would help out. So we went to get our vests on and grab an iPad. 

Then we went outside and onto the field to start Peer Mediation. We walked around the field a few times, then a girl from the Kakano Team come up to us and said that a girl was being mean to her. We got her and the other girl and we sat down to try and solve the problem. It was just that on girl wanted to play with the other but didn't want to play the game, so they started arguing about it. 

We carried on walking around the field, then we finished Peer Mediation and. went back inside to put our stuff away. 

Distinction Evidence ( PALS )

When the bell rang for the end of lunch I went to find my group for PALS. I couldn't find them so I asked some of my friends to help me get some gear out of the P.E shed for the Kakano Team. So they helped me grab some hula hoops, skipping, ropes and stilts.

After that we went out onto the courts and saw that the rest of my group had set up the cones and we waiting for us, so we put down all the gear so the kids could play with it. It was really fun playing with the hula hoops and learning how to walk on stilts. My friend taught me how to use them. So we played tag on the stilts and it was really fun trying to tag the other person while trying not to fall off. 

When the bell was almost going to ring we grabbed all of the stuff and put it back in the P.E shed then the bell rang so we went back to class. 

Maths- Make and describe patterns with translation, rotation and reflection.

My next step is to get an Algebra test and complete it.
The SOLO level I achieved was Extended Abstract because I can teach someone else. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

When we got to Technology I got off the bus and walked to my Technology class. After that I started on my box, I was making a bowling and I was almost finished. All I had to do was make a few signs and glue some stuff on.

 I asked my friend to help me make a few bowling balls out of tinfoil. So she helped me and I glued them onto the shelf. Then I created some signs and stuck them on too. After that I decided to create a wooden box. ( out of popsicle sticks ) So I made five sides, one for the bottom. It was really fun making both my boxes. The bowling alley I made looks really realistic and I spent a lot of time and effort into it. 

When we got back on the bus back to school I brought my boxes with me and then I got to take them home. 

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

At lunch time I was sitting down eating my lunch with my friend, Mr Mcallum, the music teacher walked in.

 The previous day we had seen some people do radio station and really wanted to do it. So we asked him if we could join radio station. He said we might be able to and he'll check the roster. He also asked us if we could meet him in the music room after eating time. So when eating time was finished we went to the music room and waited for him. 

When he came in, he grabbed the roster and sat down next to us. There was a free spot and he asked us if we were free that day. Luckily both of us were so we went on radio station that day. Then my friend asked if we could have a script so we both could have an idea of what to talk about. So we went down to the room where they do radio station and grabbed a script.

 After that we went over to the deck outside our class and starting practicing the script. We were really excited even though we were doing it the week after. Then after a long time of practicing the bell rang so we went outside our class and lined up. 

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

Before Communication Team started my friend asked me if I had anything on at lunchtime I said yes and that I have Communication Team on. She asked me if she could join, so I told her she would have to ask Miss Patten.

 So we went to room eleven and she asked Miss Patten if she could join Communication Team. Then we went and got an iPad and went around the school taking photos of people playing in the hot weather, the collage that I made is below. It was really fun taking photos of people playing football, on the elastics, netball, around the world and talking on the Oaklands School radio station. 

We silently went into the room where they do radio station and took some photos of what they were doing. Then they asked us if we would like to play a game on the radio. We played a game called challenge. Basically you have to talk about a certain topic without pausing for more than three seconds, saying um or arrgghh, going off topic or repeating something that they have already said. So the topic was radio station. It's a really hard game to play but I enjoyed it. After doing that I want to join radio station.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Careers Boards

This is my Careers Board, I did it on Forensic Scientist.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

At Peer Mediation I went to the Book Hub and then the other Peer Mediator turned up and ( as always ) the third Peer Mediator didn't turn up. 

Then we got our vests on and grabbed the iPad. After that we went outside and onto the field to start Peer Mediation. We walked around the field a few times and we had no problems at all. So we kept walking around the field on our bright green vests, so people could see us. Then it was ten past one so went went back to the book hub and put our vests and the iPad away. 

After Peer Mediation I went to find the other people who were on Peer Mediation after us. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

When I turned up to Communication Team, Miss Patten was there along with the other people in Communication Team. Miss Patten said that we wil start a new section in the book for term three. So we started thinking up some ideas eg. Oaklands Got Talent, Careers, Assembly. Me and my friend said that we could do the assembly's, so Miss Patten said we could ask for this camera that takes really high quality photos from the office, so we went and got it and gave it to her. She told us we could go to her before the assembly to get it.

So we went to the assembly and got the camera off Miss Patten and my friend got one of our class iPads to use. During the assembly we took some photos then in the middle we swapped cameras so both of is had a turn with each. Then after the assembly we have the camera back to Miss Patten and went back to class. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

When I got to Peer Mediation I saw that only one other Peer Mediator turned up, which is what usually happens because they never turn up. So we went outside and onto the field. We walked around the field a few times. 

Then some of our friends came and asked if we were almost done. I told them we had just started and I would come and play when I had finished Peer Mediation. So they went away and me and the other Peer Mediator thought we saw some people arguing, so we went and asked if there was any problem. They said that there was a problem but they solved it with a round of paper, scissors, rock. So we carried on walking around the field and there were no more problems so we went to put our stuff away. Then I went to tell the other Peer Mediators that they were on. 

Distinction Evidence ( PALS )

At PALS I met up with the other people in my group and we went to Mr Muller and asked if he had any ideas of what to do for the Kauri Team. He said that there were some elastics in the PE shed we could use, so we got them out and went out onto the field. 

The elastics are a stretchy band that go around two peoples legs and another person can do this thing in the middle, you can see it in the picture. It was really fun because I learnt the jumping dance that you do with the elastics. It's fun trying to do it when the elastics are really high. After that we packed up the elastics and put them back them we went back to class. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

When we got to Lincoln School, I got off the bus and went into the Hall for Design. Then we got started, so I got my box out and started on my room. I'm doing a Bowling Alley so I was trying to make the ball spitter. I grabbed some cardboard and drew up the net for the box. 

After that I cut out the net and glued it together, then I wrapped it up in coloured paper and finished up the top. Then my friend asked me if I could make up a bed for her room. So I said yes and made it for her. She thanked me and asked if I needed any help. I said no because we were almost packing up so I said she could maybe help me another time. After that we got back on the bus and went back to school. 

Goals for 2015 Term 3 Reflection

1: Get all of my leadership badges
( Merit, Excellence, Distinction )

My first goal is going really well because I have achieved my Merit and Excellence Badge and I am working towards my Distinction.

2: Improve in most topics
I have improved in lots of topics. Like in maths I have completed the number section in my National Standards. I have moved through many maths, reading and writing groups and have learnt many new things.

3: Learn new things
My last goal is to learn new things. I love it in the new year 7&8 learning environment. It has been really awesome meeting all of the new year 8's and the new teachers. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Writing- Use punctuation in my writing

The paragraph of writing below shows that I have used Speech Marks, Exclamation Marks, Commas, Apostrophes and Question Marks. I have also used Capital Letters and Full Stops. 

"Hello!" says the Orange. "I'm the Annoying Orange, this is Archie the Apple and Sour the Lemon."

"Why, why fruit?"

"Hey buddy you're a banana!"

I have used these in the correct way and I know why I have used them. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

At Communication Team I went into Room eleven and saw that not many people had come to Communication Team, only about five. We waited for Mrs Patten, we had to wait a long time because she was late, so we talked about what we could do. 

Then when she came inside, she asked me to grab the Communication Team Book from underneath the chair. So I did and opened it up to an empty page. She told us that there was no point starting something new because it was the last week of the term and we would have to finish it then. I really like Communication Team because we get to create movies of what has been happening around the school. We also get to attend some things to video eg. Talent Shows and Zumba. The thing that isn't so great is that sometimes we turn up and she comes and tells us that we won't be doing it that day, which really disappoints me because I really like Communication Team. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Reading- Analyse similarity and differences of language and discourse within/between texts

Reading Follow Up

'Who Says'

WALT analyse the similarity and differences of language and discourse within/between texts. 

My Solo Level is Learner Autonomous because I can identify the text and several metaphor, analogy or connotative language with examples; and I can explain what would happen if this feature was missing; and I can explain what the purpose of the feature is. 

French Mihi

Te Reo Mihi

Friday, 26 June 2015

My Discovery Tye Dye Shoes


WALT tye dye shoes.

We are half done our second shoe and it looks amazing! 

The one on your left is mine. I am really happy with the outcome of my two shoes!

My Discovery Tye Dye Shoes


WALT tye dye shoes.

We are halfway through our first shoe and it looks really cool. This is my shoe and it is really easy to tye dye shoes. My next step is to finish tye dying my first shoe and tye dye my second shoe.

My Discovery Tye Dye Shoes


WALT tye dye shoes.
First we searched up pictures and videos on how to dye shoes. Here is a picture that we looked at.
My next step is to start my tye dying on both shoes.

Maths- Specify location using bearing or grid reference.

WALT specify location using bearing or grid reference.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Helping Out Around the School )

At morning tea I grabbed my food and sat down to eat the teachers said that we would be assigned classes to go to for the wet day. We had to buddy up with someone who we would go to a class with. 

Once we buddies up, Miss O'Connor gave each pair a class. The class that I went to was Room 13 with my friend. When we got to the class, we saw that there were already two Year 6's, but that didn't matter. We waited till everyone had finished eating and we started a game of silent ball. 

We played so that no one would get out because there were only a few people playing. When we were in the middle of the game two boys came in from the Year 7/8 boys class. So it was quite busy. We still managed to play a game and made sure everyone was doing the right thing. When the bell rang we asked everyone to pack up and then Miss Baker came back. So we went back to class. 

Reading- Respond using understanding and information

What does the text mean when it says: ' The Superbowl of the canine world?'

The oldest dog show in America.
'is America's oldest dog show'  X

What do the organizers do to get the final seven contestants?

Seven categories
'one of seven categories'

Why were the audience shocked when Miss P was announced the winner?

They expected more.
'They had expected the more experience Matisse'

What did Miss P do after winning?

Went back to British Colombia
'Went back home to British Colombia' X

What attributes would you look for if you were asked to judge a dog show?

Loyalty, Respectful, good at agility and any breed of dog.

Overall I used 'Re-Read' the most because if I couldn't find the answer I would re-read the text to find it.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

At Peer Mediation everyone came and we all grabbed our vests and iPad. We went outside onto the field to start walking around. 

It was a nice sunny day and we could see heaps of students playing nicely. There were no problems for us to help encourage a solution. So we walked around the field for twenty minutes. After that we went back inside and we put our vests away and the iPad. Then I went outside to play with all of my friends. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

On the bus to technology I was sitting with my two friends we were playing this game with a tongue twister. It was: I slip, I trip, I trip, we flip. The game was that we had to say it as many times as we could without messing it up. 

We eventually did it so many times and we were saying it really fast. Then we had to stop because the bus stopped and we were at technology. At technology I was in Design, it was our second session with Miss Scott. We drew up a 3D plan of what our room would look like, then we got to get a cardboard template and draw around it and cut it out. After that I started to draw in my windows and doors and cut them out with a crafting knife. 

After that it was time to go back to school. So we got back on the bus and I sat next to some other friends. One of them taught me the Sign Language alphabet and some phrases. So I now know the Sign Language alphabet and the phrases for teacher, school, friend, my and name. Then we got off the bus and went back to school. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Communication Team )

Today I went to the Communication Team in Room 11 and waited on the mat for Miss Patten. Then the people in the Communication Team and Miss Patten came to the mat and we started talking about what we could report about in the school. Miss Patten asked if I could check the PALS roster to see if it was on today. So I went outside to check it and saw that people were on today. So I went back inside and Miss Patten told me that the other people had decided to go to the junior talent show and said that I could go with them. So I went into my class and grabbed an iPad then went to the hall. I saw three acts. The first one was four girls doing a dance to a penguin song wearing penguin hats. The second act was two girls dancing to a Bruno Mars song, they had sparkly skirts and Pom Poms. The last act was the New Entrant class singing a song and one girl sang the whole song with a microphone. Then we left and sent all the videos to the communication team email and Miss Patten told us that we could go play. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Librarian )

Today my friend was on librarian and I saw that not many people turned up, so I offered to help. She said I could help out so we started by putting the books away. I wasn't sure where a few of the books went so I asked my friend and she reminded me. After that we took turns at the desk. When it wasn't my turn I would walk around he library making sure everyone was 'behaving'. Then all the people that weren't there at the start for there duty turned up and so they had to many people. So I said that I would go and leave them to pack up.  

Maths- Comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators

Monday, 8 June 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Communication Team )

Today I turned up to my Communication Team duty like I do every Monday. Miss Patten advised everyone in Communication Team not to start anything new, but if you were halfway through a project you can finish that off. She thanked us for coming and said we were going to start something next week.

Excellence Evidence ( Librarian )

Yesterday I went to my librarian duty and saw that it was only me and one other librarian ( out of four ). I asked Miss Ward of she wanted me to do anything, she asked me to put the books away. So me and the other librarian put all the books away and then we waited at the desk reading a book each. We had a few people come up to issue or return a book. Then Miss Ward told us it was twenty past so we told everyone in the library that the it was closing and asked them to leave, then we waited for everyone to leave then said bye to Miss Ward and left. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

My Discovery

Extended Abstract

WALT to create a piece of art to hang on my wall.

I created tape art on a canvas, by putting some tape on the pattern that I want. Then I painted it black. After that I took the tape off.

Friday, 29 May 2015

My Discovery Tape Art


WALT create tape art for my wall.

This is my canvas, it is going to be black and white. I put the tape on then painted it black. Now I am waiting for it to dry. Then I can take the tape off.

My Discovery Tape Art


WALT create tape art to hang of my wall.

I made this tape art exactly like I would on a canvas but on a piece of cardboard. 

I painted the cardboard red then let it dry. After that I put some tape on it in the pattern that I liked it and painted the different sections the colours I wanted, and let it dry. Now I'm going to try tape art on a canvas. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Careers Writing: Punctuation

This is my last paragraph of my Careers Explanation Writing:

Overall I think that being a forensic scientist is the perfect job for me. Even if there aren't many jobs available in New Zealand, I still think that I will get a job.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

At Peer Mediation when I went into the Book Hub I saw that all the Peer Mediators had turned up to their duty. So I went and grabbed my vest with them and one of the other Peer Mediators got the iPad. 

After that we went out onto the field and started walking around to help solve problems. But we didn't get any problems. One of my friends was asking me to play a netball game called Bounce with her, so I told her I would play after my Peer Mediation duty. After that we saw the that other Peer Mediators were already outside doing there duty, so we all went to put our vests away and I went to play netball with my friend.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Goals For 2015 Reflection

Earlier in the year I created a post of my 2015 goals, here is the link.

My first goal is to achieve all my leadership badges, I think I am doing well because I have my Merit Badge and my Excellence, but my teachers still have to check if I have completed all the tasks toward my badge.

My second goal is to improve in most topics. I've done well with that goal because I've moved up math's goals a few times and and I only have one thing to complete in maths in my 'National Standards Spreadsheet'.

My last goal is to learn new things. So wow I have learnt so much this year in the 7&8s, I love it!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

Yesterday I had Peer Mediation and it was the first time with my new group, it had been changed with winter sport. We were on the field and a few people kept coming up to us and talking to my the other Peer Mediator, she kept ignoring them and eventually they went away. We had no problems and we talked about who would say what in what situation. Then Peer Mediation was over we found the group after us and went off to play. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

My Discovery Tape Art


WALT create tape art to hang on my wall.

We watched some videos and read some instructions on how to create different kinds of tape art. 

Then we decided on which one we would like to do. Now we are going to start practicing on boxes.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Communication Team )

Today at communication team I went in and Miss Patten thanked me and the other few people for turning up because not everyone came. The previous week we took some photos and videos of the Zumba class for the year eights Wellington trip. So today we made an iMovie with them. Then Miss Patten came back and watched our movie, she told us it was awesome. 

Excellence Evidence ( Librarian )

I have librarian every odd week on friday, but last week I knew I couldn't make it because of winter sports. So the day before my duty I went to the library to see Miss Ward and see if I could change my day. She told me that there was no room on the other days and that I should just one when I can. She thanked me for coming in to tell her and not just leaving her wondering where I was.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Kauri Team Events ) Cross Country

Yesterday at Cross Country we went to Halswell Domain. The year 7/8s went last so we watched the other races. Then we went to play the game that some of the year 7/8s set up, it was really fun but also really hard. Then we waited a little bit more and our race was on. I was really nervous and so was my friend. We decided to run together so we both had someone supporting each other. Then the race started and we had earlier said that we would just jog-run-jog-run and so on. So that's what we did. We were almost done and then we went around the last corner toward the finish line. I was so excited that it was almost over so me and my friend sprinted to the end. We got there and they handed me a 5th place slip and said that me and her were tied.

Then........          we collapsed.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Kauri Team Events ) ZUMBA!

Today I was on my communications duty and asked Mrs Patten if she would like us to record the Zumba lesson in the hall. Three of us went along, so we took turns recording and joining in the fun. Then we went back to room 11 to edit the videos and next week we are going to make them into a Zumba movie. It was great fun!

An Afternoon in Autunm

This poem is about an afternoon in Autumn, it will be full of awesome!
The leaves in the trees are rustling as loud as a gong.
The bright sun is glowing on the trees and the gust of wind is a cool breeze.
The Autumn leaves spin off the tree, like a helicopter propeller.
They blow onto the ground with a blast of wind and land with their last move.

The three language features that I chose are Alliteration, Simile and Rhyme. I chose Simile because I went to the breakout and had some good ideas. I chose Rhyme because I felt that it would be nice to have some rhyming in my poem. Lastly I chose Alitteration because it seemed cool to have word with the same letter at the start in my poem. My solo level is "Learner Directed / Relational". 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

Today at Peer Mediation me and the other person turned up and again the third person didn't show up, so we carried on and hoped that they would turn up. So we walked around the field and then a group of year 3 girls came up to us and said some people were being mean to them so we helped them find a solution and then Peer Mediation was over and we gave our vest to the other group and went to play.  

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Getting Involved )

Today at technology my task was to choose a partner and create a small toy/creature that had something to do with the CARE values. Isla and I created this tree. 

C= the tree itself.

A= the leaves acting as the brain.

R= the kind heart.

E= completing the task set for us. ( and having fun )

Monday, 27 April 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Librarian )

Yesterday at my Librarian duty I went into the library and asked Mrs Ward if she wanted me to do anything. There were four of us on yesterday but only two of us turned up. She told us to put some of the books away, she showed me where the books need to go. Then she told us to stay at the desk and see if anyone needed to borrow or return a book. So I got something to read and waited at the desk. Only a couple of people came to borrow and return something, but the library was very busy.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Excellence Evidence (At Technology and on the Bus)

Today at Tech me and my friend were sitting together on the bus to technology. It was really noisy so we tried to keep quiet, and not be one of the noisy ones. Then when we got to technology we went to textiles (sewing) and lined up outside. That was the second time I had been in sewing. Mrs Patterson told us that we were making a three part toy, and taught me and some other people how to use a sewing machine. Eventually I got the hang of it and made a small square on a practice piece of fabric. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

My Leadership Goal

My leadership goal for this term is to earn my Excellence Badge and to move up maths groups.

Friday, 3 April 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Run/Bike/Run ( Kauri Team Events )

Reia and I paired up to do Run/Bike/Run and I did the two runs and she did the bike. We kept cheering each other on and when she came around doing her bike I was cheering her on and she looked so puffed after the first lap. When she got off her bike she had to run to me and tag me so I could start the last run. I was almost at the end and Mr Brown was cheering me on and that urged me on. When I finished we didn't get a place but I think we were close. Even though we dodn get a place Reia's mum got us both an ice block. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Yesterday at Peer Mediation we all turned up and started our duty. We didn't find any problems and we're just looking around to see if anyone was sad or excluding anyone else. Then I saw a couple of little boys playing and jumping in the long jump pit which was filled with water. I asked them to stay out of the water and go around it not through it because you do not want to spend the day being soaked in water. Then we found the other group of Peer Mediatiors and swapped over with them.

My Art ( Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh )

My SOLO level is Extended Abstract because I can use several different techniques and I know when, why and how to use them. I also can use the techniques my teacher has taught me and use them in the correct way.

Friday, 27 March 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Yesterday I did Peer Mediation and saw that one of the Peer Mediators in our group finally turned up after the fourth week I a row of not turning up. We had one problem with a year three throwing his hat into a tree. We helped him get it down and reminded him to put his hat on his head not on a tree. Then we had to find the second group of Peer Mediators to take over. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Reflection of my Three Chosen Goals from the Start of the Year.

Hi guys. If you click this link you will be able to see my learning goals from the start of the year. This is my reflection of those goals.

I think I am doing pretty well with my learning goals so far. My first goal is to get all of my badges ( merit, excellence and distinction. I have my merit badge and have started working towards my excellence.

My second goal is to improve in most topics, I have done heaps with that. I have got a new reading group and changed maths groups and have only got two more things to tick off on my National Standards in numbers (maths).

My third goal is to learn new things. I have learnt so many things this term in year 7/8. I have learnt them through reading texts in reading breakouts, I have also learnt them in my math follow ups. I have learnt new styles of writing and how and why to use them. 

I can't wait to reach all my goals!

WALT Explain the meaning of digits in numbers up to 3 decimal places.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Communications Team

I meet with my Communication Team on Monday lunch time and we decided who we partnered up with to take pictures. I went with one of my friends from year 6 and there was one person left over so we let them join our group. It was raining so we took photos of some people playing inside. We went to two classrooms and made sure that we didn't take pictures of people who didn't want it. Then the bell rang and we went back to Room 11 and returned the iPad to Mrs Patten. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

( Merit Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Today at Peer Mediation one of the Peer Mediators didn't turn up ( again ). So it was just two of us Peer Mediators. I asked someone to help out and they agreed. So we all did Peer Mediation. We had a problem between a few kids in the Kakano team with the rules of a game. In the end we encouraged them to have a solution and let them play again. Then Peer Mediation was over and we went and found the other people to swap over with.

Prove It Writing ( Oaklly's Walk )

Prove It Writing
Oaklly's Walk

"Mmmmmm"I groan.

I wake up to my nana's phone ringing. I start to growl to wake her up. I hear her get out of bed and start to walk towards my cage.

"Come on puppy" she yawns.

She opens the door of my cage and I run out and into the door.


I didn't put my brakes on fast enough. My nana giggles then slides open the door for me to go through this time.

Once I'm outside I sniff around looking for something to do.

After a while I'm fast asleep in the sun outside. Then I hear.

"Oaklly, come on puppy".

It sounds like my mum. I quickly race to the back door.

Outside the sky is now pale blue and the sun is brightening the day with a yellow tinge of sparkle. I see a flock of birds fly in a triangular shape past the sky above me. I want to chase them but I can just resist the temptation.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Mum asks.

"Woof" I reply.

"Well come on then".

She leads me inside. Then she grabs my harness and I put my head through a hole and my paws through another. She tightens it up and we walk past the car toward the garage door.

Then it slowly starts to open. I get all jumpy and excited!

We carefully walk past the sprinkler so we don't get wet. Then we start our day of adventure.

We walk down the windy path toward the end of the walkway. I see bees circling a daffodil fighting for a place.

Up ahead I see Bella, my friend. She is a pomeranian foxy with a golden ginger coat. Her tiny little ears prick up when she sees me, my ears don’t do that because mine are all floppy. I can see her race toward me, she doesn’t have a lead because she doesn’t run off like I do. She is about half the size of me and she is trying to get on top of my back.

My mum drags me away from her and her owner calls her. So I have to carry on with my walk.

I turn around and my mum has dropped the lead, I run for it, I feel so excited and free. Then I stop and turn around she’s not coming and chasing after me she is just standing there. I see her lips close so much they form the small shape of a circle. She whistles as her hand reaches into her pocket. Treats! I race toward her like I am chasing a bunny. I skid to stop myself from running into her, then I sit. She throws a treat in the air and I jump and catch it in my mouth.


We continue on our walk and soon I see our house ahead. I catch sight of a creature jumping over a fence and across the driveway to another fence. I drag my mum toward the house.

My mum lets me outside and I hunt for the creature. I think she's a cat and I'm pretty sure mum and nana call her Roxy. I finally spot her around the back of the house behind the recycling bin. She leaps  through the hole in the gate and I jump to catch her, with a huge miss.

“Ugh” I sigh.

I'm going for a nap.