Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Led Conference Reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my S.L.C. were:
Getting to share my learning to my mum because she doesn't know much about what I do at school. 

What went well and why?:
The whole thing because when I was sharing my learning, everything went perfect and I didn't mess anything up or miss out on sharing any part of it.

What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your S.L.C.?:
When I was sharing the strategy for the Pythagoras Theorem because it was tough when I didn't want to get the question wrong when my mum was watching.

What changes would you make for next time and why?:
No changes because it was perfect and I got to share everything. 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 7

The other day the school held a plunket mufti day. This was to raise money for the plunket organisation in Canterbury. It was a gold coin donation. Being one of the four heads I was able to participate in the event by going around with the other heads and the plunket mascot to show the kids. We first went to the office meet the woman who was dressing up as the plunket bear called Blue, her name was Karen. When we got there we got a bucket, to put all of the money in and a small version of Blue the bear to carry around with us. (I got to hold it.) 

It was a team decision to go to the junior rooms first. It was really cool to see all of the little kids be amazedby a giant blue bear in their classroom. A few of the classes got a photo with the bear and all of them came up and gave Blue a high-five or hug. After going to all of the junior rooms we went to the year 7/8 area and it was funny to see there faces when Blue walked in they looked really confused and kinda like why did you bring that bear in here.

After the year 7/8's we went to the year 5/6's and then the year fours. Throughout all of the classes we collected the money that they raised. 

Once we were finished we went back to the office and helped Karen count the money. It was a huge job because we needed to have the exact right amount and not miss any. In total the school of 650 raised $701.70, and all of that money went to plunket to help them look and children up to five.

The learner quality I showed was resilient because when we were counting the money it was tough trying to make sure you didn't miss one coin. 

I showed leadership by helping Karen go around the school because the suit was a big heavy one and sometimes she couldn't see where she was going so I helped her.  

Excellence Evidence: Kapa Haka 10

Yesterday I had Kapa Haka, I arrived a bit late because I had something else on but I didn't miss anything. When I walked in everyone was in the positions we would be in on the night eg. boys on the stage and girls in front of them. I quickly went to my position which was two people to my left from the middle. First we did the school song with the old actions so the boys didn't walk through the middle and the girls didn't step aside. 

After that we went to our positions in Halleujah which weren't on the stage they were in the middle of the hall. After we did Halleujah we waited for the command to move to the next song, which was 'neke.' We then all moved to our next positions, which were the ones for Tuhurihuri. I didn't have my poi so while everyone else was doing the actions with there poi I shadowed and pretended that I had my poi with me. The actions for Tuhurihuri are the year eight girls do long poi while all of the other girls used the short poi or the small rakau sticks. The senior boys used these long sticks (I'm not sure what they are called) and the other boys did the actions.

Then we transitioned to the next song which was the school and went through that a few times. After that we left for morning tea. 

The learner quality I showed was communicate because I communicated respectfully with the teachers and my peers.

I showed leadership by listening respectfully to Matua, Mr Brown and Mrs Baker. 

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 8

On Wednesday I had a student council meeting. I turned up on time and had everything that I needed, like a computer because I take the minutes. (Taking the minutes means that I write down what we talk about in the meeting.)

Then the leader of the meeting, Head Girl, got the whiteboard and started to write out what we're going to talk about today. After that we started the Student Council meeting because Mrs Trotter was not there yet. We took the roll and then started to talk about some things for the future of Oakland's.

After that Mrs Trotter arrived and we carried on with the meeting. We talked about some main things that we think we need for the rebuild of the school. One thing we talked about was having water fountains on the field, so that when we are thirsty we didn't have to go all the way to one on the courts. Another thing that came up was that we wanted more open classes like the ones in the year 7&8 area. This would be a good idea because then the rest of the school could learn like us seniors. 

The care value that I showed was respect because I showed respect by helping others if they didn't know what we needed to do.
I showed leadership by just getting on with the meeting and also being a good role model by not being silly and listening to the speaker.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Excellence Evidence: Kapa Haka 8

On Friday I had Kapa Haka, I am in the performance group. I used to be in the apprentice group, the apprentice group is where you just learn the songs; not the actions and don't perform. Me Brown and Mrs Baker weren't there so it was just Matua leading Kapa Haka, about ten minutes into it Mrs Baker arrived to help. First we practiced Hallelujah, but when we walked forward, some of the boys weren't doing it properly so we kept doing that over and over and over until they got but right. 

After that the year eight girls practiced long poi while all of the other girls used the short poi or the rakau sticks. The year eight boys used these long sticks (I'm not sure what they are called) and the other boys did the actions. It was really hard at first, but then I kept trying and got the hang of it. I was able to show a few people how to do it. It was really fun because we were all teaching each other how to do different things. I can pretty much do the main two that we have to learn and can partly do the one that we may put into the actions. 

The leaner quality I showed was communicate because I listened to Matua when he was teaching/showing us the actions. 

I showed leadership by teaching my friends how to do long poi. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Visual Art

Visual Art: WALT: Apply knowledge about shapes and patterns derived from nature into an original artwork

For Visual Art the SOLO level I achieved was: Extended Abstract because I applied a range of different patterns in my art. The techniques I used in my artwork to achieve this level were: Moving colours, glazing and shading

Here is a photo of my art work:

My next step in visual art is:
To add techniques to my final one and add different details.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 6

Yesterday we had a leadership meeting, it was held at morning tea. The meeting was about being organised. We watched a video made by some people from the GRIP Leadership team, they are a group that helps student leaders. The video link is below:
The video explains three key things to do to help you be organised, in case you don't want to watch the video those three key things are:

1. Write it down
2. Everything in its place
3. Preparation is key

We watched this video to help us when we are busy and have many things to juggle. We then discussed why we needed use these skills and when. We use these tips to help us control our busy schedule, some of us also use an app/website called Trello which is and online task manager. Trello is a very useful app/website. 

We also had a look at this link below:

It is also from GRIP leadership.

The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with my group when we discussed the video. 

I showed leadership by turning up to the meeting and not forgetting so I would be a good role model. 

Excellence Evidence: Kapa Haka 6

Today at ten thirty I went to Kapa Haka. First we lined up and did the school song and He Honere. Then they let the apprentice group go back to class. 

After that we did the first song that we do in the performance, which is Hallelujah. We lined up then did the song, Mr Brown said it was perfect, I was very proud. Then we did the next song, that was Tuhurihuri. Tuhurihuri is the song where the senior girls do long poi, the senior boys do something with these long sticks, (I'm not sure what they are called) the other girls do short poi and the other boys do some actions. The senior girls long poi routine, in my opinion, is going really well, most of us know the actions and we all know when we have to change. 

Then we practiced the school song a few times so they knew everyone knew the actions.

After that Kapa Haka finished and everyone left to go out to morning tea, but I stayed and practiced. I taught a few other girls how to do the different techniques in long poi, I also taught them the times that we have to change in the song and told them if they were stuck they could watch the people at the front. 

The leaner quality I showed was communicate because I communicated with my friends to teach them long poi.

I showed leadership by stepping up and teaching my friends when no one else would. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Linear Proportions: Maths

WALT reason with linear proportions.



This is how I worked it out:

First I drew up the table in my book, I then tried ton work out which option would be the cheapest. I read that if Sally changed from Cellcom to a different provider she would have to buy a new phone. So I calculated the prices and found that Redfone was the cheapest. To get 7GB she would have to get two 512MB for $25.00 in total, then a further 4GB and 2GB (price N/A) to equal 7GB.

Even though the price in unavailable I assume that it is cheap seeing as though the 512MB that she got was the cheapest out of all of them.

My next step is to get a new maths goal.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Excellence Evidence: Kapa Haka 5

Today I had Kapa Haka, first we all lined up and went through a few songs. Like the school song. 

Then Mr Brown said that we were going to focus on the transitions between the different songs. The first song we do is Hallelujah, then we do Tuhurihuri and then we did the school song. We practiced each transition lots of times during those songs. 

Then all of the different groups went away and practices there part e.g poi, rakau. I'm doing the long poi so all of the other girls doing long poi and I went outside and practiced. We decided that we would change at every part. We had already decided what actions we would change to. I volunteered to help the people who hadn't learnt the actions yet.  

We then came inside and went through the whole song with no stops or interruptions by the teachers. Now the only thing we need to practice is getting on and off the stage.

The leaner quality I showed was communicate because I communicated with the girls to come up with the actions. 

I showed leadership by stepping up and helping the people that were stuck. 

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 5

The other day the other three heads and I decided to organize a Talent Show for the Kauri Team. We first went and talked to Mr McCallum, he said that we had to include other people but we could organize it. 

After that we set up a meeting with him and discussed who would be doing what. We asked two people to be 'Security' so people couldn't come in without paying. We also got a few people to MC (microphone) the semifinals and do the songs and technology based stuff. 

Then I put forward the idea of doing a google form, so we decided on that and started to create a google form that people could use to audition for the talent show. 

Then Mr Ladbrook told us that he could help us and it was time to pack up.

The learner quality I showed was contribute because I contributed some ideas to the group. 

I showed leadership by stepping up and contributing ideas.