Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

Today at Peer Mediation me and the other person turned up and again the third person didn't show up, so we carried on and hoped that they would turn up. So we walked around the field and then a group of year 3 girls came up to us and said some people were being mean to them so we helped them find a solution and then Peer Mediation was over and we gave our vest to the other group and went to play.  

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Getting Involved )

Today at technology my task was to choose a partner and create a small toy/creature that had something to do with the CARE values. Isla and I created this tree. 

C= the tree itself.

A= the leaves acting as the brain.

R= the kind heart.

E= completing the task set for us. ( and having fun )

Monday, 27 April 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Librarian )

Yesterday at my Librarian duty I went into the library and asked Mrs Ward if she wanted me to do anything. There were four of us on yesterday but only two of us turned up. She told us to put some of the books away, she showed me where the books need to go. Then she told us to stay at the desk and see if anyone needed to borrow or return a book. So I got something to read and waited at the desk. Only a couple of people came to borrow and return something, but the library was very busy.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Excellence Evidence (At Technology and on the Bus)

Today at Tech me and my friend were sitting together on the bus to technology. It was really noisy so we tried to keep quiet, and not be one of the noisy ones. Then when we got to technology we went to textiles (sewing) and lined up outside. That was the second time I had been in sewing. Mrs Patterson told us that we were making a three part toy, and taught me and some other people how to use a sewing machine. Eventually I got the hang of it and made a small square on a practice piece of fabric. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

My Leadership Goal

My leadership goal for this term is to earn my Excellence Badge and to move up maths groups.

Friday, 3 April 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Run/Bike/Run ( Kauri Team Events )

Reia and I paired up to do Run/Bike/Run and I did the two runs and she did the bike. We kept cheering each other on and when she came around doing her bike I was cheering her on and she looked so puffed after the first lap. When she got off her bike she had to run to me and tag me so I could start the last run. I was almost at the end and Mr Brown was cheering me on and that urged me on. When I finished we didn't get a place but I think we were close. Even though we dodn get a place Reia's mum got us both an ice block. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

( Excellence Evidence ) Peer Mediation

Yesterday at Peer Mediation we all turned up and started our duty. We didn't find any problems and we're just looking around to see if anyone was sad or excluding anyone else. Then I saw a couple of little boys playing and jumping in the long jump pit which was filled with water. I asked them to stay out of the water and go around it not through it because you do not want to spend the day being soaked in water. Then we found the other group of Peer Mediatiors and swapped over with them.

My Art ( Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh )

My SOLO level is Extended Abstract because I can use several different techniques and I know when, why and how to use them. I also can use the techniques my teacher has taught me and use them in the correct way.