Thursday, 3 September 2015

Distinction Evidence ( PALS )

When the bell rang for lunchtime my group and I met up and we all decided to put out the skipping ropes for the Kakano Team to play with. We went into the room where they were all stored and grabbed some orange skipping ropes, then we went outside and onto the court. I had the skipping ropes over my arm and I was handing them out to the children. After that we got out the giant purple rope and started having a few people at a time having a go with it. 

After that a few kids asked me if there were any white skipping ropes, I told them that there wasn't any out but I would go and get some out. So I went and got the skipping ropes and came back, then I handed out the skipping ropes. I walked around playing with the kids and handing out posies. 

After awhile of skipping a few kids came and asked me if there were any red skipping ropes, I told them that I would grab some. So I went and grabbed some red skipping ropes, then I came back and handed them out.

Then it was almost the end of lunch so we started packing up. We went around and started telling every to give us the skipping ropes. There were quite a lot left on the ground so all the PALS helped pack them up. One girl from the Kakano Team helped us pack up when no one else did, so I gave her a posie. 

After that we put away our vests and went to play for the rest of lunchtime. 

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