Friday, 16 October 2015

Goal Reflection 2015

These are my goals for 2015

Reflection on my Goals for 2015

1: Get all of my leadership badges
( Merit, Excellence, Distinction )

-This was an awesome goal for me because I was extremely eager to complete it.
-I achieved my Merit on the 18th March and I was awarded it a week later.
-I achieved my Excellence on the 15th June and I was awarded it a couple of weeks later.
-I achieved my Distinction on the 20th August and I will be awarded it at the end of the year.
-Reaching the criteria to achieve all of my badges has been really fun, doing my duties such as PALS and Librarian and also getting to blog about them, also getting to complete all of the fun home learning challenges.
-I don't have a next step.

2: Improve in most topics

-I have definitely improved in most topics.
-In maths I have completed a number of different parts including, Number, Geometry and Algebra.
-In reading I have completed my standard which was year eight and I am now up to year nine.
-In writing, as a class we have learnt many different styles of writing such as recounts, arguments and speeches.
-My next step is to finish my maths standard.

3: Learn new things

-I have learnt so many things this year in regard of being a year seven and in my learning.
-I have learnt many things in maths, reading and writing.
-Including many styles of writing, different maths equations and reading heaps of books.
-My next step is to carry on growing my knowledge in all things.

That was the reflection of my goals for 2015.

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  1. I like how you told us how much you have completed and how you felt about it. It is also very informative.