Monday, 4 May 2015

An Afternoon in Autunm

This poem is about an afternoon in Autumn, it will be full of awesome!
The leaves in the trees are rustling as loud as a gong.
The bright sun is glowing on the trees and the gust of wind is a cool breeze.
The Autumn leaves spin off the tree, like a helicopter propeller.
They blow onto the ground with a blast of wind and land with their last move.

The three language features that I chose are Alliteration, Simile and Rhyme. I chose Simile because I went to the breakout and had some good ideas. I chose Rhyme because I felt that it would be nice to have some rhyming in my poem. Lastly I chose Alitteration because it seemed cool to have word with the same letter at the start in my poem. My solo level is "Learner Directed / Relational". 

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