Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

At Communication Team I went into Room eleven and saw that not many people had come to Communication Team, only about five. We waited for Mrs Patten, we had to wait a long time because she was late, so we talked about what we could do. 

Then when she came inside, she asked me to grab the Communication Team Book from underneath the chair. So I did and opened it up to an empty page. She told us that there was no point starting something new because it was the last week of the term and we would have to finish it then. I really like Communication Team because we get to create movies of what has been happening around the school. We also get to attend some things to video eg. Talent Shows and Zumba. The thing that isn't so great is that sometimes we turn up and she comes and tells us that we won't be doing it that day, which really disappoints me because I really like Communication Team. 

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