Monday, 27 July 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

When I turned up to Communication Team, Miss Patten was there along with the other people in Communication Team. Miss Patten said that we wil start a new section in the book for term three. So we started thinking up some ideas eg. Oaklands Got Talent, Careers, Assembly. Me and my friend said that we could do the assembly's, so Miss Patten said we could ask for this camera that takes really high quality photos from the office, so we went and got it and gave it to her. She told us we could go to her before the assembly to get it.

So we went to the assembly and got the camera off Miss Patten and my friend got one of our class iPads to use. During the assembly we took some photos then in the middle we swapped cameras so both of is had a turn with each. Then after the assembly we have the camera back to Miss Patten and went back to class. 

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