Sunday, 21 February 2016

Merit Evidence: Deputy Head Girl

On Wednesday we had our second leadership meeting of the year, it was held in the hall. We were told to bring a computer and one of us a book. Mr Ladbrook got on the stage and showed us an example of public speaking, here are a few tips.
- Speak slowly
- Look up at the end of a sentence
- You don't have to look at the audience, look at the back of the room so it gives the illusion that you are looking at the audience.
- Learn your speech off by heart just incase you forget the paper version.
- Take your time, it's not a race.
Then we got to have a go, we only had time for a few people and I didn't really feel like doing it but Mr Ladbrook convinced me to get on stage and once I'd done it I felt confident about public speaking. After that we went off in our groups eg. heads and deputys, sports coordinators, rata house captains and cultural ambassadors. I went with my group and we practiced the speech that the heads were going to do on Friday, (Jellie Park) the deputys had to practice as well just in case the heads were away. After that we finished up and went back to class to join back up with the rest of the year 7&8's. 
The learner quality I showed was resilience because I didn't give up even when I was nervous about public speaking.

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