Sunday, 21 February 2016

Merit Evidence: Jellie Park

On Friday the whole school went to Jellie Park. When I got to school I was told that the Head Girl was away so I had to do the speech for her, and as smart as I am I forgot the paper with the speech on it. But luckily I had already remembered it off by heart and the Head Boy had it with him so we were prepared. When we arrived at Jellie Park I found out that the student leaders got to sit away from the other students and we got a whole chair to ourselves, which I thought was pretty cool because all of the other students had to bunch up really tight because there wasn't enough room. The two Sports Coodinators did the first speech, then the House Points Coodinators, then us. I was quite nervous but once I started I wasn't too nervous. Then once we'd finished I was really relieved and we could start the races. First was the width races, I wasn't in any of them so just helped sort the kickboards and watched some of the races. Then we played a couple of house games eg. madness. After that we went outside with the Kākano students and had some lunch, I got to see my friend who was helping the Kākano teachers with the event. After lunch we went back inside to do the length races which I was in. I was so nervous I was shaking because I hadn't done swimming in a while. It was finally my race, freestyle. I came third which I was really proud of. Then I did backstroke and I came third again which I was also really proud of. Then we finished up with the relays and Miss O's class won again. Then once everyone was changed back into their clothes we hopped on the buses and left for school. But some of the buses didn't come so we were waiting for ages outside for them. Then they finally came and we got on and headed back to school and by the time we got back it was 4:00. 
The learner quality I showed was resilience because when the buses didn't come I didn't complain I just waited and listened to the teachers.

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