Thursday, 28 July 2016

Excellence Evidence: Technology 5

Yesterday we had technology at Lincoln Primary School. I'm in the Textiles group, which means Sewing. We are currently working on our product. The Textiles group and the Design group work together. We could choose if we wanted our project to be 3D printed or sewn. I chose to make a sewn project and then later I will choose to do a 3D printed one. 

I'm creating a bag, it will be made out of denim fabric with black zips and a flap. I will decorate it with some stuff that is related to my culture eg. hobbies, favourites, friends, family. First I made a prototype, which is basically a mini version of my final one so that I know how I'm going to make it. My prototype was made  out of green fabric.

First I planned what I wanted to have on it. I've decided to have my initials, then surrounding my initials on the whole bag I will have little pictures of things that relate to my culture (examples of culture above.) Then I started making it, first I cut out a paper pattern, then I cut out two pieces of denim (the same size) and sewed them together.

After that we had to pack up to get back on the bus to go back to school. 

The care value I showed was respect because I respect everyone around me by not using there stuff eg. shears, machine, even if it was only going to be a minute. 

I showed leadership by staying focused on my task and listening respectfully to my teachers and peers. 

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