Saturday, 12 November 2016

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 10

The other day I had Student Council. There was nothing new we needed to talk about so we decided to review everything. We talked about the mufti day we will be having and what the theme will be, we made sure everyone told there classes that the theme would be sports stars. We also decided that the pet would be changed to another date which we would discuss with Mrs Trotter. Then we reviewed ideas for the fun day at the end of the year, we only looked at the ideas that would actually be able to happen.

Below is the minutes that I took for the meeting. We didn't have Mrs Trotter there with us because she was busy, so we no teacher helping to run the meeting. We also didn't have any homework for this meeting because we didn't talk about anything different. 

2rd Nov:
What we did:
We are changing the date for the pet day (to be decided)
Themed Mufti Day Idea:
Sports/Sports Star

Fun day:
Shared lunch
Free time 
Arts and craft
Lolly scramble
Water activities
Sponge the staff
Games day/stations
BBQ/sausage sizzle

We have no homework today. 

The care value I showed was respect because I showed respect to the people talking.
I showed leadership by sharing my ideas.
I was a role model by not talking while other people were talking.

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