Monday, 22 June 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Helping Out Around the School )

At morning tea I grabbed my food and sat down to eat the teachers said that we would be assigned classes to go to for the wet day. We had to buddy up with someone who we would go to a class with. 

Once we buddies up, Miss O'Connor gave each pair a class. The class that I went to was Room 13 with my friend. When we got to the class, we saw that there were already two Year 6's, but that didn't matter. We waited till everyone had finished eating and we started a game of silent ball. 

We played so that no one would get out because there were only a few people playing. When we were in the middle of the game two boys came in from the Year 7/8 boys class. So it was quite busy. We still managed to play a game and made sure everyone was doing the right thing. When the bell rang we asked everyone to pack up and then Miss Baker came back. So we went back to class. 

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