Monday, 15 June 2015

Excellence Evidence ( Communication Team )

Today I went to the Communication Team in Room 11 and waited on the mat for Miss Patten. Then the people in the Communication Team and Miss Patten came to the mat and we started talking about what we could report about in the school. Miss Patten asked if I could check the PALS roster to see if it was on today. So I went outside to check it and saw that people were on today. So I went back inside and Miss Patten told me that the other people had decided to go to the junior talent show and said that I could go with them. So I went into my class and grabbed an iPad then went to the hall. I saw three acts. The first one was four girls doing a dance to a penguin song wearing penguin hats. The second act was two girls dancing to a Bruno Mars song, they had sparkly skirts and Pom Poms. The last act was the New Entrant class singing a song and one girl sang the whole song with a microphone. Then we left and sent all the videos to the communication team email and Miss Patten told us that we could go play. 

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