Monday, 22 June 2015

Reading- Respond using understanding and information

What does the text mean when it says: ' The Superbowl of the canine world?'

The oldest dog show in America.
'is America's oldest dog show'  X

What do the organizers do to get the final seven contestants?

Seven categories
'one of seven categories'

Why were the audience shocked when Miss P was announced the winner?

They expected more.
'They had expected the more experience Matisse'

What did Miss P do after winning?

Went back to British Colombia
'Went back home to British Colombia' X

What attributes would you look for if you were asked to judge a dog show?

Loyalty, Respectful, good at agility and any breed of dog.

Overall I used 'Re-Read' the most because if I couldn't find the answer I would re-read the text to find it.

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