Sunday, 17 April 2016

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 2

On Monday we had a leadership meeting, first we just quickly went through what stage everyone was up to with their goal. The four heads are doing a poster competition so we said that we have started running it have announced it and are going to put information about the guidelines in the newsletter. 

Then the four heads went off so the Deputy Head Boy and I could practice our speech with an audience. The we stood up and used a microphone (turned off) so it would seem real.

We kept practising over and over till we knew it off by heart. Then we went back and listened to the teachers talk about how tabloid sports was going to be run and what's going to happen. We had to all talk about different things we were going to do.

The leaner quality I showed was communicate because I communicated with the the Deputy Head Boy to make sure the speech was right.

I showed leadership by contributing to the tabloid sports discussion. 

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