Sunday, 16 October 2016

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 7

Yesterday we had Student Council, we talked about the pet day and decided when we would have it, we also discussed everything else that was going to happen on that day. And we came up with all of the requirements of your pet if you were to bring it in.

Then we talked about the end of year fun day and we got heaps of ideas. The homework for Student Council was to ask your class what theme mufti day they would want and any ideas for the fun day. 

Below is the minutes for Student Council that day that I took:

12th of Oct
What we did:
Pet Day:
Bring in Pet food
Face Painting (optional)
Mufti Day 
Week 3, Thursday
Pet Requirements:
Be able to manage it on a lead
In a cage if needed eg. cat, bird or rabbit
Vaccinations up to date
Adult with the pet at all times
Child friendly

End of year fun day ideas:
Shared lunch (whole school)
Drip drip drop
Free time 
Arts and crafts
Animal Survival
Lolly scramble
Each year level or team gets a block where they can play a big game
Ice bucket challenge
Buy food (Ice cream)
Sponge the staff
Mufti day

Any other ideas for the fun day?
What theme they want to have their mufti day to be?
Room 25:

The care value I showed was Excellence because the whole time I was listening and taking the minute for everyone. 
I showed leadership by respecting the speakers. 
I was a role model by not talking to others while someone was talking. 

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