Saturday, 22 October 2016

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 8

On Monday this week I had a meeting with Mrs Trotter (the principal) and the other heads. It was at 11:00, that's at morning tea, so we brought our food with us. 

We talked about the mufti day and just if we were going to have face painting and stuff like that. 

After that Mrs Trotter told us about the student council photo that we took and asked us to get the names of all of the student council members. We started to do the top row because they were all year seven and eights. Then when we got to the second row we didn't know there names so we decided to go back to class and leave it for later. 

After a while Hannah and I decided to go around the classes and get there student council members names. Hannah held the photo and I had a paper and pen so I could write the names. We went around all of the classes and got all of the names. 

Once we were done we took it back to the office.  

The care value I showed was excellence because I decided that we should get it done before we forget. 
I showed leadership by turning up to the meeting. 
I was a role model by listening to the principal while she was talking. 

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