Thursday, 13 October 2016

Distinction Evidence: Technology 4

On Tuesday the year 7&8's went to Technology. When I was on the bus I made sure that I was quiet and that I was only talking to the person next to me not others around me. 

Once we got to Technology we went to the Woodworks room and got our stuff out. Then we did some sanding before we left to go to Mandarin. 

After that we left for Mandarin and revisited some of the things we learnt in the past and played a game where we had characters and we said 'there name is _____' in Mandarin.  

After Mandarin Mr Bowers attached all of our table legs together and gave us some little wooden stub things to put in the holes that the nails were in. We had to hammer them in and it was really hard because you had to position it perfectly and if you hammered the wrong place it would damage your table, so we helped each other. Once we did that Mr Bowers sanded the ends off so it wasn't sticking out.

After we were done we packed up and then got on the bus and headed back to school. I made sure I was only talking to the person next to me and using a quiet voice.

The care value I was showing was Respect because I respected the bus driver when I was on there bus.  
I showed leadership by helping others with the hammering. 
I was being a good role by not talking to people that weren't on my seat on the bus. 

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