Thursday, 5 May 2016

Excellence Evidence: Being a Role Model for the Kākano Students 2

The other day my friend was on Librarian and she needed some help. We went to the Library to get some books, we got three beanbags and two boxes of books. My friends job was to read to the Kākano students. 

We set up the beanbags on the Music Room deck, and put the boxes down. Straight away at least five kids came over. Two girls came over two me, I asked them to choose a book. They came back with a Barbie book, one of them sat on my knee and I read the book to them. After that they swapped and the other one sat on my knee. We read a few more books then they wanted to go play. A few times I was in the middle of reading a book and the child I was reading to would just run off, but I showed resilience and put the book away and waited patiently for someone else to come.

Most of the books we read were very short, like a few pages. After that a few more children came over, for me to read to them. I also went around and offered to some children if they wanted to read a book because some of them didn't know that some of the seniors were readings to the juniors. All of the books I read were Barbie books.

The leaner quality I showed was resilience because a couple of times when the child would run away when I was reading, I put the book away and waited patiently for someone else to come.

I showed leadership by offering to read to the juniors and helping the other seniors

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