Friday, 27 May 2016

My Short Story

  • Use a large productive vocabulary across the curriculum (Year 9/10)
  • Use a wide range of punctuation appropriately and with increasing accuracy. (Year 9/10)

The pieces of my writing that are highlighted green are where I have shown my vocabulary and punctuation goal

My Story...

Tyler is 22; he is a gingerbread man. He lives in a gingerbread house, in a gingerbread neighborhood. His neighbor, Matt, who is also his best mate, sometimes comes over to his house. Together they play Candy Crush or Gummy Bear Kingdom. Tyler is also very lazy; that is part of the reason that he and Matt play video games all day everyday.

One fateful day, after the light shone through the small crack in the pantry door, Tyler was looking out the window and saw a hand. A human hand! It picked up his house, Tyler was very anxious. Then it placed his house down delicately with Tyler inside.

A small while later Tyler finally could be bothered to get up. He looked out the window and saw that Matt's house was no longer there! Being the type of gingerbread man he is; Tyler didn't even try to go see what was wrong.

About an hour later, he heard some music, and some voices. Then all of a sudden his house crumbled; smashed into tiny bite-sized pieces. He looked up and saw many human faces looking down at him. He sprinted, no he just ran. He saw a cliffs edge in front of him, he jumped.

After searching through many feet, he found an enormous open door, he strolled inside and found Matt. He was hiding behind the door and looked terrified. Tyler asked Matt what he was doing. Matt responded with "I was looking for you, follow me I've discovered a hideout where we can live."

Once they arrived at the hideout; Tyler looked around to make sure they had the essentials. Bed, check, video games, check, Wifi, check. Okay they have everything and are safe so that must be the end.

How about I just add; and they all lived happily ever after....

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