Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Excellence Evidence: Kapa Haka 3

Today I had Kapa Haka, I am in the performance group. First we practiced the school song. Then we practiced Hallelujah, but we didn't do the actions or the girls come in, then the boys part. So everyone was very confused and when the part came where we had to start singing, no-one sang. Then once Matua explained we understood. 

After that the year eight girls practiced long poi while all of the other girls used the short poi or the rakau sticks and the boys learned the Haka. It was really hard at first, but then I kept trying and got the hang of it. I was able to show a few people how to do it. It was really fun because we were all teaching each other how to achieve different techniques. I'm still learning but with enough practice I hope I'll be able do it. I've learned how to do the side to side one, it's really hard because you have to swing the poi side to side at different times.

Then stood in the positions we would be in during the performance and everyone did what they needed to do while the year eight girls kept practicing. After that we had to come up with a routine, we still haven't come up with one but we are getting there. We stayed in the hall till the end of morning tea. 

The leaner quality I showed was resilience because even when the long poi was really hard, I kept going and now I kinda can do it. 

I showed leadership by helping others learn long poi. 

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