Sunday, 14 August 2016

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 2

Yesterday I had Student Council. Everyone turned up on time which was great because we could start and we didn't have waste time getting other people to turn up. I take the minutes for student council so that means I write down everything we talk about during the meeting. 

After we did the roll we talked a bit about what the home work from last time was which was, does the name Oaklands represent the heritage of New Zealand? And, if we were to change the name what would it be changed to? Some of the answers we got from our class were Kiwi School, Fern School and Kauri School.

Then once we had finished talking about that we talked about the Pet day we will be having in term 4, we talked about all the guide lines for bringing your pets to school some of the things you have to have are, the animal must me kid friendly, must be on a leash, or in a cage etc and also must have all vaccinations up to date.

Then we wrapped up and everyone left to have there lunch. 

The care value I showed was respect because I respected everyone's ideas and opinions.
I showed leadership by listening and not speaking while other people were sharing. 
I was a role model by listening to the speaker and not talking to my friends. 

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