Sunday, 21 August 2016

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 3

Yesterday I had Student Council. Everyone turned up on time which was good because we could start and we didn't have waste time getting people to go and tell them to come. I take the minutes for student council so that means I write down everything we talk about during the meeting eg. What fundraisers we are doing. 

After we did the roll we talked a bit about what the homework from last time was, we had was to ask our classes what type of layout that they wanted in the school eg. where would the hall go, or the office and where would the playgrounds go? Some of the things that our class said were, have the senior playground somewhere other than the field because if it's a wet day and the field was shut then we can't go on it. Also they said that the office should be if front of the main entrance so visitors know where to go. 

Then we finished up and everyone left to have there lunch. 

The care value I showed was respect because I respected everyone's ideas. 
I showed leadership by listening and not speaking while other people were sharing there ideas. 
I was a role model by not talking while other people were. 

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