Sunday, 21 August 2016

Distinction Evidence: Kapa Haka 3

Yesterday I had Kapa Haka, I made sure I turned up on time and that I had my long poi with me. 

The first thing we did was start of by having a talk about how close the cultural festival actually is. Then we got set up for a whole run through of our performance. After we went through the whole performance, we all went through it over and over so we all new exactly what we were doing at the right times. Then Mrs Trotter and some of the other people that work in the office came in and we performed for them which I thought was cool because we could perform to an audience. 

After we had been through the whole thing a couple more times we all lined up from tallest to shortest and got our uniforms. Once I had got my uniform I was aloud to either go out and play or stay inside and do some singing with Matua Rihari. I chose to stay inside. We sang lots of different songs and then Matua suggested we sing Aotearoa, after we sang that Matua said we should have above to see how many of us wanted that song to be changed to the National Anthem, we all agreed. 

Then we went back to class to get our food and go out to morning tea. 

The care value I showed was respect because I was listening to the teachers when they were speaking.
I showed leadership by being a good role model to the younger kids and doing the right actions with my poi. 
I was a role model by listening to the person speaking. 

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