Sunday, 28 August 2016

Distinction Evidence: Fundraising for Wellington 1

On Tuesday I had been chosen to go and walk around Hornby Mall and Barrington Mall. We had a parent superviser so the teacher could still teach the other kids, her name was Manda and she drove me and one other person too. 

We left school at 1:00 so that we would arrive back by 3:00. Firstly we went to te Hornby Mall. We walked around in pairs as this way we would cover more ground. I went with Dylan (the other person that wen twitch me) and we went to a hairdressing salon, they were really nice and said that we should talk to the manager and he would be ready in ten minutes, so we walked around other shops before we went back there. We went to lots of different shops and most of them took a notice and said they would talk to there manager/store owner. 

We carried around a notebook and wrote down all of the shops that took a notice. A few shops said that they would get a pack ready by Friday, so Manda (supervisor) said that she could come back on Friday and collect them. Then we went and visited my Aunty because she works in a shop in Hornby Mall.

Then we went to a few shops in The Landing, because we didn't have enough time to go to Barrington, so we went to most of the food shops and got a voucher from Pizza Hut.

After this we went back to school and arrived just on time for the 3:00 bell.

 I think that I showed the Care value of Excellence because I kept going even though some shops didn't take a notice or want to give us anything. 

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