Monday, 14 March 2016

Merit Evidence: Deputy Head Girl

Today we had a leadership meeting.  This time Miss O'Connor joined us for it. First of all Mr Ladbrook talked to us about the Run, Bike, Run event that is going to be held next week. Then Miss O'Connor wanted to speak with the house captains so the heads, deputys, house point co-ordinators, cultural ambassadors and the sports co-ordinators all went into the other room to work on the thing that they were organising. The heads and deputys work together on the poster competition. Dylan and I (the deputy head boy) worked on the 'Poster Competition Guidlines' while the heads worked on something else. After that it was time to pack up before the bell. Once we had finished packing up we went outside to line up with the rest of the class.

The learner quality I showed was Listen because I listened to Dylan while we were discussing ideas about the poster competition. 

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