Thursday, 3 March 2016

Merit Evidence: Food Forest

For the past couple of days the year eights were lucky enough to help Mr McAven in the Food Forest. First we went to the Food Forest and did some weeding we used some secateurs (search it up) and some hedge clippers, we used them to cut the weeds out. The people that didn't have them used their muscles to get the weeds out.

Eventually we cleared it up and it looked BEAUTIFUL.

The next day we went to the maize maze (the corn place) and harvested the corn. Some of us harvested the corn, the people with the hedge clippers cut the (really long) weeds and a few people were on the trailer stomping the weeds down. I swapped round the different jobs. First I got some hedge clippers and cut up all the weeds, then I pulled out some corn and last I stomped on the trailer.

I really enjoyed gardening with Mr McAven.

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