Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Merit Evidence: Technology

On Tuesday we had Technology. On the bus I sat near the back with my friend. We made sure that we weren't talking louder than a whisper because we didn't want the bus to get too noisy.

When we arrived at Lincoln Primary, I walked to Food Tech with my friends and we lined up (with the resources we needed) next to the door. Then we went inside. We sat down at the table and then got told that we were making cheese scrolls and piklets. But first we had to stick in photos from our final product into our book. We got the photos and we had to glue in the picture from each step into the steps in our book. After we had finished that we got to start our cheese rolls.  

We got a piece of bread and some margarine, then a choice between tomato paste, cheese, pineapple and marmite; you could choose up too three fillings. We cut the bottom crust off our piece of bread then spread butter on one side then put our fillings on the other, then we rolled it up and put it on the baking tray to put in the oven for about ten minutes on grill. 

Then we made piklets, we needed flour, whole meal flour, sugar, baking powder, milk, and an egg. We mixed all of the ingredients together then poured it into the pan to cook, we made three each. We also got to eat them with cream and jam, they were delicious. 

The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with my group while making the food. 

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