Thursday, 31 March 2016

Merit Evidence: Librarian

On Thursday I had my Librarian duty. I'm the ICT guru so I help Mrs Ward with things like designing the new Library site. When I got there I asked Mrs Ward if my friend could help me out because she wanted to help me set up the website. We brang a computer with us.

First I logged into my account and asked Mrs Ward what the link to Library site was. I had to copy the link from another computer so it we could find it. (it took a long time) Once I was on it Mrs Ward suggested I bookmark the site so I can get back to it easily. 

My friend and I were assigned the task of inserting an image onto the site, so I had the idea of using a URL because whenever we chose a file it didn't work. So we went internet surfing for the photos we wanted, once we found what we wanted I copied the URL and went back on the Library site to see if it worked. It did! Mrs Ward was really impressed, so we explained to her that we were doing it the wrong way round.

After that my friend and I added a couple of more images and then since the bell rang we went back to class.

The learner quality I showed was communication because I communicated with my friend to put in an image on the Library site.

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