Saturday, 26 March 2016

Merit Evidence: Librarian

On Wednesday I had my Librarian duty. I'm the ICT guru so I help Mrs Ward with things like designing the new website. When I got there I asked Mrs Ward if there was anything specific that she wanted me to do. She said that I could help her with the new Library website. 

First she got out her laptop and gave it to me to plug in and turn on. I plugged it into the charger and pressed the power button, I waited, and waited, and waited, then something popped up on the screen, then I waited, and waited some more. Then it finally worked, Mrs Ward and I went onto the Library website and she logged into the account where we could edit it.

 Then she asked if anything should be on there that she has missed. I said the library form. So she showed me the way to edit it so I could add the link in, then I put it in. After that I asked if I could put a picture in but soon realised that I wasn't sure how to take a screenshot on her computer. 

So I she said I could go because it was only five minutes to the bell, so I went outside to play for the rest of lunch.  

The learner quality I showed was communication because I communicated with Mrs Ward to set up part of the library site. 

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