Thursday, 9 June 2016

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 5

The other day the other three heads and I decided to organize a Talent Show for the Kauri Team. We first went and talked to Mr McCallum, he said that we had to include other people but we could organize it. 

After that we set up a meeting with him and discussed who would be doing what. We asked two people to be 'Security' so people couldn't come in without paying. We also got a few people to MC (microphone) the semifinals and do the songs and technology based stuff. 

Then I put forward the idea of doing a google form, so we decided on that and started to create a google form that people could use to audition for the talent show. 

Then Mr Ladbrook told us that he could help us and it was time to pack up.

The learner quality I showed was contribute because I contributed some ideas to the group. 

I showed leadership by stepping up and contributing ideas. 

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