Friday, 17 June 2016

Excellence Evidence: Kapa Haka 6

Today at ten thirty I went to Kapa Haka. First we lined up and did the school song and He Honere. Then they let the apprentice group go back to class. 

After that we did the first song that we do in the performance, which is Hallelujah. We lined up then did the song, Mr Brown said it was perfect, I was very proud. Then we did the next song, that was Tuhurihuri. Tuhurihuri is the song where the senior girls do long poi, the senior boys do something with these long sticks, (I'm not sure what they are called) the other girls do short poi and the other boys do some actions. The senior girls long poi routine, in my opinion, is going really well, most of us know the actions and we all know when we have to change. 

Then we practiced the school song a few times so they knew everyone knew the actions.

After that Kapa Haka finished and everyone left to go out to morning tea, but I stayed and practiced. I taught a few other girls how to do the different techniques in long poi, I also taught them the times that we have to change in the song and told them if they were stuck they could watch the people at the front. 

The leaner quality I showed was communicate because I communicated with my friends to teach them long poi.

I showed leadership by stepping up and teaching my friends when no one else would. 

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