Friday, 17 June 2016

Excellence Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 6

Yesterday we had a leadership meeting, it was held at morning tea. The meeting was about being organised. We watched a video made by some people from the GRIP Leadership team, they are a group that helps student leaders. The video link is below:
The video explains three key things to do to help you be organised, in case you don't want to watch the video those three key things are:

1. Write it down
2. Everything in its place
3. Preparation is key

We watched this video to help us when we are busy and have many things to juggle. We then discussed why we needed use these skills and when. We use these tips to help us control our busy schedule, some of us also use an app/website called Trello which is and online task manager. Trello is a very useful app/website. 

We also had a look at this link below:

It is also from GRIP leadership.

The learner quality I showed was collaborate because I collaborated with my group when we discussed the video. 

I showed leadership by turning up to the meeting and not forgetting so I would be a good role model. 

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