Friday, 2 September 2016

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 5

On Wednesday I had Student Council, I turned up on time and had everything that I needed. Everyone else turned up on time and had all of the things that they needed aswell. 

Mrs Trotter was running the meeting and not the Head Girl. Mrs Trotter first asked everyone want the homework from last week was. The homework from last week was to fill in this document that Mrs Trotter sent to us. We had to type in what our classes answers were to the questions, does the name Oaklands School reflect the heritage of New Zealand? And If we were to change the name to some thing else that was appropriate what would we change it to? Some people didn't want to change the name and some people like the name Kauri School, Kiwi School, Cabbage Tree School and Pavlova School.

After that we finished up, and they asked if we needed to talk about anything else and we didn't so we packed up and left for lunch. 

The care value I showed was Respect because I respected the speaker. 
I showed leadership by role modelling to the younger kids by listening. 
I was a role model by not fiddling or talking while someone was sharing. 

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