Friday, 23 September 2016

Distinction Evidence: Kapa Haka 8

Today I had Kapa Haka.  One of the the songs we are learning is called Tenei Matou, it's one of the old songs that Oaklands performed in the Cultural Festival in 2014. Another song is Ka Waita.

We started by going over Ka Waita a few times so we could warm up.

Then we went onto Tenei Matou we went over the actions. We went over them heaps of times to make sure everyone knew them.  But I think we should've spent more time on the song than the actions because I still don't know the whole song. But I just hum, and do the actions. The actions to Tenei Matou are really fun. 

I really hope that the if we do any other actions to other songs they will be cool actions like Tenei Matou. 

The care value I showed was respect by listening to the teacher.
I showed leadership by listening to the teachers when the were showing us the actions. 
I was a role model by not talking over top of the teachers.

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