Sunday, 11 September 2016

Distinction Evidence: Kapa Haka 6

The other day I had Kapa Haka. When we got there we all sat down in our rows and talked about how the cultural festival went. Mr Brown said that the people organising it said that we were one of the best groups that went up on stage. That was because of our transitions, our volume, our actions and our pride. I was wondering if we were going to keep practicing the original songs or different ones; turns out we are doing different ones. One of the the songs we are learning is called Tenei Matou, it's one of the old songs that Oaklands performed in 2014.

We started by singing the first part over and over until everyone got it. Then we sang the second part until everyone got it. After that we sang the song a few times just so everyone would remember it. 

Then we went onto the actions, we were able to watch the 2014 performance so we could learn the actions. It was really fun learning the actions because they were quite easy. But a few times I did the wrong action and just laughed it off. 

I really hope that the other songs that we do will be as fun as Tenei Matou.

The care value I showed was community because I helped some people when they didn't know the actions.
I showed leadership by listening to the teachers when the were showing us the actions. 
I was a role model by not talking while the teachers were talking. 

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