Friday, 16 September 2016

Distinction Evidence: Deputy Head Girl 6

Talent Show

On Wednesday we had the final of the Kauri Talent Show 2016. Us head students and Mr McCallum organised it. We had a guy that runs a programme at school to host it. We had seven acts in total performing. 

We had organised people to do the curtains and getting the performers backstage, on the doors, making sure people don't get in without paying, getting tables and chairs for the judges and chairs for the audience. 

It was really cool and we had some really good acts in the show. Some dancers, some singers. The prizes we had for the tops three were chocolate and gift vouchers. 

For the auditions it was us four heads and Mr McCallum judging. Then for the semifinals it was some teachers and the finals were different teachers. 

The care value I showed was excellence because I stepped up and help organise it. 
I showed leadership by not sitting around doing nothing, actually helping. 
I was a role model by respecting the acts eg: clapping at the right time, not booing.

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