Friday, 2 September 2016

Distinction Evidence: Koru Games 2

Day 1

Day one of Koru games started great. I'm in the B team. I was really excited and it was cool because we meet up right before the game and it was about to be the first real game I played with my team. 

Then during practice/warm-up I rolled my ankle. I was so annoyed so I walked around and tried to stretch it out. Then Mr Ladbrook put me on the field to play. I could play alright but it still hurt, then I decided that I should not play that day and then I could play day two and three. 

Then later in the day it became so sore I couldn't stand. But by the time we got on the bus it was good enough to walk on. After school mum took me to the doctor to get it checked, they told to rest, it and ice it.

Day 2

Day two of Koru Games didn't happen for me, my ankle was to sore and it would be stupid to go out that day. I was really disappointed because last year I was sick for the three days of Koru Games. 

Day 3

Day three was awesome my ankle was fine, and on the bus Mr Ladbrook told me that I could move up to the A team because there wasn't enough girls. So I played my first game, which was a full game because there has to be three girls on the field at a time, and there are only three girls in the team. We lost that game but it was so fun and got a few good touches. 

We had another game and again I had a full game. We lost that one also but it was fun being in a good team. I kinda felt like I was letting the team down, but they said they were losing anyway. So that me feel better.

We had one last game and we lost this one as well. It was disappointing but at least we got a last try. 

When we got back to school we found out that the Football Boys A team scored first out of about 30+ teams which was incredible, and our Volleyball Boys came third out of about 30+ teams as well!

The care value I showed was respect because I respected all of the teams even if we lost. 
I showed leadership by listening and not arguing with the ref. 
I was a role model by getting on with the game even if the ref was wrong or something along those lines. 

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