Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

Before Communication Team started my friend asked me if I had anything on at lunchtime I said yes and that I have Communication Team on. She asked me if she could join, so I told her she would have to ask Miss Patten.

 So we went to room eleven and she asked Miss Patten if she could join Communication Team. Then we went and got an iPad and went around the school taking photos of people playing in the hot weather, the collage that I made is below. It was really fun taking photos of people playing football, on the elastics, netball, around the world and talking on the Oaklands School radio station. 

We silently went into the room where they do radio station and took some photos of what they were doing. Then they asked us if we would like to play a game on the radio. We played a game called challenge. Basically you have to talk about a certain topic without pausing for more than three seconds, saying um or arrgghh, going off topic or repeating something that they have already said. So the topic was radio station. It's a really hard game to play but I enjoyed it. After doing that I want to join radio station.

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