Monday, 10 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Communication Team )

When I got to Communication Team in room eleven. Miss Patten asked me if I could go get the EOTC camera so we could upload the photos onto the computer. So I went and got it, then we got the chip out and put it into the computer. Then we opened up the app called iPhotos and tried to upload the photos onto that. When it didn't work we tryed on iMovie, but then that didn't work so we just decided to do it another time. Then we got the EOTC camera and room elevens camera for assembly.

At assembly I started with room elevens camera and my friend started with the EOTC camera. We took photos of people with the awards, people talking and videoed some of the presentations. Then they started doing the bronze certificates, for the Kakano Team. Then the Kauri Team, my name was called, I was nervous, but excited, I walked up and got my certificate, then my friend came up. We had to get someone to take our place while we were up the front because then we wouldn't get any photos of some of the Kauri Team with their bronze certificates. Then we came back down and swapped the cameras. So I had the EOTC camera. Then we took a few more photos of the assembly. Then when it finished we have the EOTC camera back to the office and gave the room eleven camera back to Miss Patten. After that we went back to class.

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