Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Technology )

On the bus to technology, I sat next to two of my friends and I was sitting in the middle. We started talking about art and drawing. Then we started talking about different movies. For example we were asking each other if we had seen a movie. My friends told me about all of these great movies that I haven't seen yet, that I probably will soon. Then we got off the bus and went to design in the school hall.

 It was our last session before we move on to the next class. Since I have finished my box I got to make whatever I wanted. So I decided to make a present for my uncle, because it's his birthday soon. So I decided to create a box. So I drew up the net for the box and cut it out. After that I folded it up and glued it together. Then I decorated it with green paper and glued some of the Rabbitohs logos on it, because it's his favourite rugby league team. I stuck a different logo on each side. Then I decided to make another box. Out of popsicle sticks. I stuck heaps of popsicle sticks together to make five sides, then I glued them all together. 

After I made the two boxes it was time to get back on the bus, so I hopped onto the bus with my boxes and we drove back to school. 

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