Thursday, 27 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Radio Station )

When the lunch bell rang I went into the radio station room and started to write down the songs and different articles onto the script, while I was waiting for my friend. Then she arrived and helped me decide which songs and which news articles to talk about. After that I got the song ready we were going to play first. 

Then we started, we started by introducing ourselves and talking about what we were going to talk about during the show. Then we played a song, I have the job to press enter to start playing the song while I or someone else introduces it. 

After the song we talked about stuff that was happening at school, for example we talked about the teacher only day on Monday and read out the people who had achieved there Bronze or Silver C.A.R.E certificates. Then we played another song.

After the song we read out an article from a kids news website. It was called Hair, it was about all the different things your hair can do and what it has in it. Then we played the last song which was 'Greece Lighting' sung by the High School Dropouts.

After that we went out and played outside for the last few minutes of lunch time. 

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