Thursday, 6 August 2015

Distinction Evidence ( Peer Mediation )

Before Peer Mediation started, the other Peer Mediator came and asked me to find someone to fill in for them. So I asked my two friends and they said that they would help out. So we went to get our vests on and grab an iPad. 

Then we went outside and onto the field to start Peer Mediation. We walked around the field a few times, then a girl from the Kakano Team come up to us and said that a girl was being mean to her. We got her and the other girl and we sat down to try and solve the problem. It was just that on girl wanted to play with the other but didn't want to play the game, so they started arguing about it. 

We carried on walking around the field, then we finished Peer Mediation and. went back inside to put our stuff away. 

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